Why I Decided To Start A Blog

It seemed as if some subtle currant of recognition had passed between them…not as if they had met before…but as if they have come close several times until finally an impatient Fate had forced their paths to intersect”

– Lisa Kleypas, Secrets of a Summer Night

I have been an avid reader ever since my father started reading to me at a young age. Throughout school I devoured any book I could get my hands on. I read anything and everything. From classic literature to modern novels. I am a huge history buff. And I am a romantic at heart. In high school I discovered historical romance novels and was hooked!

Here is a little about my reading habits. I can read up to 3-4 books a week, however I do go through “slumps” where I just don’t want to read! I review each book I read. It is a lot of work! And now I have to keep up with this blog!

I read first and foremost because it enriches my life and I enjoy it. I do have several other secondary reasons. I like to read so I can recommend good books to my friends so that they can enjoy them too. Like everyone else I have favorite authors who I can’t wait to read and love getting the word out about them to others. I endorse new authors I find that I like also. I started reviewing the books I read for these reasons.

I give an honest, truthful review of every book I read. I like to give my friends and followers an idea as to what to expect WITHOUT spoilers as much as I can. I hate it when people practically re-write the entire novel they are reviewing. I comment on pace, characters, major and minor themes, the feel of the plot, the atmosphere of the book, emotions of the book, the flow, if in a series how it compliments and holds up the other books, just to name a few! I will comment on the author. All books (especially ones in series) will have some that I will like better than the others, I’ll talk about that and why. I will discuss favorite authors, series, and books. My moods while reading will probably seep in, so forgive me in advance! I hope to someday get an author to interview. I review on the following platforms:

  • Goodreads
  • BookBub
  • Amazon
  • Here!

I do other things than just read books I buy. I review ARC (Advance Reader Copy) books from several of my favorite authors and will review those books here as well. I’ll let you know when it is an ARC book. Some very generous authors have given me this opportunity and I take it very seriously. I also have some promising authors and those who just need a sounding board give me copies of incomplete manuscripts to give them input. When allowed by those authors, I’ll let you know about those.

I will post my original review I put online on the platforms I mentioned before on here as well. But beyond that I want to give my followers an inside glimpse of the soul of the book, it’s essence. I would also love author input. Any author who would like to be showcased on my site is welcomed to e-mail me. Also any author with a historical romance novel they’d like reviewed can get in touch with me too. I am also interested in reviewing for publishing companies, anyone that knows of that opportunity let me know!

Well that is that for now. I will write some more general posts in the next few days. Plus I am reading several books right now which I will review on here. I also have an ARC coming out next week, exciting!!!!!

Published by jelee1976

I love to review historical romance books! I discuss book reviews, thoughts on authors and series, and just general stuff about me!

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