What I have coming up in January

Unfortunately I have started January in a book slump! I have only read one book, A Scandalous Deal by Joanna Shupe. I am going to start reviewing books on here starting from this point forward. I just had knee surgery on Tuesday. It wasn’t bad, I will hopefully be off crutches on Saturday! Maybe I just haven’t physically felt like reading?

I have an ARC book coming out next week, I am really excited about that! I am trying to get caught up on the authors I do ARC reviews. On a few I am behind a book in the series. Here is a rough idea of which books I’ll read this month:

  • Lady Reckless, book 3 in the Notorious Ladies Of London series by Scarlett Scott
  • A Springtide Meeting, book 1 in the Seasons Of Love series by Emily Murdoch (ARC)
  • Dancing With Danger, book 4 in the Goode Girls series by Kerrigan Byrne (ARC)
  • Lost With A Lord, book 1 in the Ravishing Regencies series by Emily Murdoch
  • Lady Wicked, book 4 in the Notorious Ladies of London series by Scarlett Scott
  • How To Love A Duke In Ten Days, book 1 in The Devil You Know series by Kerrigan Byrne
  • Her Husband’s Harlot, book 1 in the Mayhem In Mayfair series by Grace Callaway
  • Drenched With A Duke, book 2 in the Ravishing Regency series by Emily Murdoch
  • Winter’s Waltz, book 12 in the Wicked Winters series by Scarlett Scott

It might look like a lofty goal but I can do it if I can get motivated! There is a lot of repeating authors. I am playing catch up, but eventually you will see a better variety of authors and books.

On top of all that I am a beta reader for two books in progress. I love doing this too! I get to read through the creative process and give input. I love helping authors in any way I can.

On another note I wanted to explain that this is a positive space. I will always be honest but not hurtful. If I would give a book a mediocre review it is out of honesty, not spite. It will be tastefully done. I will try my best not to give spoilers. Foremost I want authors to feel like I am an honest, fair reviewer who they respect.

I know I am new at this, and I have no following but I hope as I review and do ARC reviews that this blog will grow. It is a joy for me to do this and I hope you find it fun too! Until next time!

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I love to review historical romance books! I discuss book reviews, thoughts on authors and series, and just general stuff about me!

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