Review of Lady Reckless by Scarlett Scott

This is my honest review, I purchased this book. I have posted a review of this book on Goodreads, BookBub, and Amazon. Below is a more detailed review.

Lady Reckless is the third installment of the Notorious Ladies Of London Series. This series builds on each book, keeping characters from previous books. It could be read as stand alone, but would be enjoyed more as a series. I always read series in order if at all possible. I find it is more enjoyable. This series has really kept my attention. Each book is extremely different. The plots are fresh and the characters captivating. Miss Scott is becoming one of my favorite authors.

I loved the main characters in this novel. They had such strong personalities. Helena was strong willed to the point of self destruction. Gabe was honor bound to the point where it blinded his judgement. Their character flaws placed them in impossible situations. There were deep trust issues. The conflict was raw and believable.

It was a passionate, steamy read. It was very romantic at times. The scenes of conflict between the two characters were well thought out. The plot was well formed and moved at a fast pace. There were duplicitous characters that helped move the plot along. It was good to see characters from the previous series.

Helena and her friends were part of the women’s suffrage movement. Each chapter had a excerpt of a suffragist point of view. There were also plot elements that included what women were up against from forced marriages to being basically property. I enjoyed this element, it gave some reality to the fiction.

There were funny parts as well. Two drunken scenes and the nickname Gabe gave Helena made me laugh!

Overall this book was a great read. It held my attention. I found myself getting exasperated at the characters at some times and laughing at them at others. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Lady Wicked, the next installment comes out 1/28/21.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes passionate historical romance that is heartfelt and character driven. I can’t wait for Lady Wicked!

Well I think I am over my reading slump (thankfully!). I have an ARC I need to review next, the review will probably be out later today. Until next time!

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