Time to welcome Wednesday!

Well it is three minutes to midnight. Already Wednesday! For me this week has moved fast. I am healing from my knee surgery well, getting stronger every day. I actually got to drive for the first time in 10 days!

I love this picture I posted. I live on my kindle these days. I really miss going to libraries. Getting lost in all those shelves. All those different worlds to explore, tangible, right in front of you.

I also miss used paperback exchange stores. I have spent plenty of money there! There was one (now sadly closed) close to me that was in a double wide trailer. There was an unheard of amount of paperback books there! If I had to guess I would say 7000-8000 books. They were piled from ceiling to floor (there were step stools) and the aisles might have 4 feet between them, you had to file in sideways! It amazed me, the lady that owned it knew where every book was located. You would ask for a title and she went directly to it, uncanny!

I had a list of books to read this month, well that went out the window, I received two unexpected ARC books to be reviewed this week! I just posted the first one and I am starting on the second one when I finish this post. I guess I have learned flexibility when it comes to reading. I am a planner so that is really hard for me!

Just wanted to check in! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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I love to review historical romance books! I discuss book reviews, thoughts on authors and series, and just general stuff about me!

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