Review of Lost With A Lord by Emily Murdoch

This is the first (I have read and reviewed the prequel, Kidnapped With A Knight earlier) in the Ravishing Regencies series. These novellas focus on electrifying encounters between two main characters. I usually do not read a lot of novellas but these caught my eye.


This is a romantic novella about two lonely people who discover love at first sight in the most peculiar of places. Lord George is a lost, lonely soul. Florence is far from everything she knows. Their encounter is electric. George’s sadness and loneliness is so heartfelt. The feeling of being utterly alone is horrible, and it is depicted vividly. Florence is feisty and has a short temper!

This is a very well told novella. The plot was intricate and fast paced. It had romance and passion. It was focused on the two main characters the whole time and the development of that relationship was spot on.

I am really enjoying this novella series, if you want a quick, fun, romantic read this book is for you!

I purchased this novel

I loved how the plot focused on loneliness and the need for human connection. Having the characters find that person who made them happy was a beautiful thing to read. I am so glad I have found this author.

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