The Most Eligible Lord In London By Ella Quinn Book Review


A delightful love story!

We discover in this novel not to judge a book (or rather a rake) by its cover! Frits had made a mistake last season but learned his lesson well. However he had to pay for the repercussions of his actions in ways he hadn’t anticipated. I liked his fortitude. He made mistakes but he owned them. His persistence in Adeline was heartwarming. He was thoughtful of her and was genuinely interested in her as a person. Adeline is in her first season and is young and extremely naive. At some points she seemed a little too sheltered and inexperienced. She was so young and uncertain that it was hard for me to cheer for her at times. However, about halfway in I saw her backbone through her actions and I really liked her spunk!

The villain in the story was detestable and very well written. Through scenes entirely dedicated to him you see what a horrible man he really is and how well he hid it. There was another villain in this story, slavery. I got a glimpse of the situation of slavery in that era. It was eye opening. There was a parallel plot on this issue that was enlightening and deepened the story.

I really wanted to see the couple get their happy ending. There were times in the first part of the book that I felt could have moved at a faster pace. However, their journey was sweet and the storyline was enjoyable. The one thing I loved about this author’s other series was the humor sprinkled in the books. I found that lacking here. Overall, it was a delightful read. It took me just a little while to get fully invested, yet when I did I throughly enjoyed it. A fun read and I will be looking forward to the next one.

This is the first book in the Lords Of London series. It is built in the same world as two other of her series, The Marriage Game and The Worthingtons. I loved the Marriage Game series and I am now reading The Worthingtons. I really enjoy this author, her books are always a delightful read!

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