Mistress In The Making Series by Larissa Lyons Book Reviews

This is a three part work that focuses on the same couple, Daniel and Thea. The story is cut into three distinct novels: the introduction of the characters, the burgeoning love story, and the wonderful happily ever after. I had never read three books that followed the same couple and plot. I usually read series where each book is a separate couple. I was a little unsure but I found the format refreshing and it made it a page turner. Below are my separate reviews for each book.

Seductive Silence By Larissa Lyons


There are three separate books that make up the entirety of this story. This book introduces Daniel, Lord Tremayne and Thea, a penniless widow. Daniel has a severe stammer and is quiet in public as much as he is able. Daniel has a tragic past and is shaped by it. Thea finds herself a widow who doesn’t mourn her pitiful excuse of a husband. She is in a desperate situation and has to make a life altering choice. Daniel and Thea’s attraction to one another is electric. I loved Daniel’s strength, both physical and emotional. Thea’s sweetness and uncertainty was endearing. These are two broken people who find solace in one another.

They are in their heads a lot, second guessing themselves. The insecurity they show is genuine. The plot had enough humor that I caught myself smiling. I loved Cyclops, the one eyed dog! It was fast paced and character driven. The characters were entertaining and likable. The book ends with the reader wanting more. I found myself jumping into the next book. A great romance!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

Lusty Letters By Larissa Lyons


This book continues the love story of Daniel and Thea. Daniel is hiding his stammer from Thea but desperately wants to get to know her. He sends her a gift and a note. This starts them writing intimate, witty letters as they begin to learn about each other. Daniel, though almost always silent in person is so sweet and attentive to Thea in his letters. Thea is entranced with Daniel, yet she remains insecure in her new position.

Daniel begins to find kindness in the world which he had been denied as a child. This shocks him. This book forges the couple’s bond. I began to enjoy them even more as their personalities grew. Daniel is written so well. I felt his frustration, pain, and burgeoning love. Thea’s insecurities broke my heart. She is so sweet and caring. There was humor sprinkled in. The plot was engaging. I was invested in the characters. It moved really fast. It was a fun, romantic story. I can’t wait to read the final book hoping the couple get their happily ever after!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

Daring Declarations By Larissa Lyons


This is the conclusion to Daniel and Thea’s story. Their story has been so passionate and heartfelt up to this point. This book does not disappoint in that area! It is the most swoon worthy in the series! Daniel and Thea have grown emotionally since the beginning of the first book.

I love how Daniel overcomes so much personally and becomes the man he is meant to be. Thea gains self assurance and validation. Their story of finding love from a situation that deplores and forbids it was fascinating. Their journey to love is heart wrenching and heart warming.

This was a beautiful story with a wonderful happily ever after. This is a new author to me and I will read more of her works to come! I recommend all three of the Mistress In The Making books to anyone who enjoys electric passion, witty humor, and a beautiful love story!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

This was new experience all around from story choices to author. I enjoyed all three books. These books are for lovers of passionate, fun, romantic reads. I discovered a new author who I enjoyed and will read more from. I accidentally happened upon her and I am so glad I did!

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