Winter’s Waltz by Scarlett Scott Book Review


A woman gambling establishment owner and a Marquess with a gambling problem, what could possibly go wrong?

This was the most humorous, unique book in the series. I have fallen in love with this series and this installment was excellent. A lot of these books take place at house parties, which I love. However this one takes place solely in a gambling establishment. This was most enjoyably different and fresh.

Max, the Marquess of Sundenbury is a wastrel, rake, and excessive gambler. He has found himself in a spot of trouble and is in a bargain with Miss Genevieve Winter. Max has a lot of unredeemable qualities, but deep down he has a heart of gold – whether he knows it or not. Max was such a fun character. I like how he looks for redemption from his wayward past. He had so much depth of character, so many layers.

Genevieve is my favorite character the author has written. I don’t know where to begin to describe her. She’s tough, funny, passionate, and vulnerable all at the same time. Such a formidable woman. Probably the strongest woman character I have read in this era and genre. Her humor, particularly the nicknames she gives Max had me laughing out loud. Gen has created a good life for herself despite coming from nothing. I have so much respect for this character.

The attraction between the two is electric. It sizzled off the page. It was both passionate and romantic. Ms. Scott has the ability to bring these characters to vivacious life. They are warm, witty, and endearing. The plot was a refreshing change of pace. The idea of having a woman as a gaming establishment owner is rare. I couldn’t put the book down, it was such a page turner. I read it in one sitting. I love this series and this book in particular. Her writing just gets stronger with each new book. I love long, intricate series like this one. Although it can be read as a stand alone, I would suggest reading them from the beginning to get the full enjoyment of each book. You won’t regret it. A passionate, funny, heartfelt treat!

I received a gifted ARC of this book, this is my voluntary, honest opinion.

Scarlett Scott is another favorite author of mine. I love reading her books. Each of her series are rich and vibrant. Always page-turners and humorous. Passionate and romantic. I am always excited when I am gifted with an ARC from this author. She has raised a high bar and hasn’t disappointed yet. A bright, shining star in the Regency romance universe! Until next time fellow book lovers…keep reading!

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