The Most Eligible Viscount In London by Ella Quinn Book Review


A novel with great attention to detail and a sweet story, just not my favorite in all the books I have read of this author.

The premise of the plot was fresh and unusual. The marriage proposal occurs on the first page of the book, it is rejected and mayhem ensues. Usually the proposal happens at the conclusion of the book following a long courtship. This book flipped that around and it made the plot interesting. Although the plot was sweet and well written, there were at times a simplicity to it. I felt it could of had more twists and turns to liven up the plot.

I liked Georgie and Gavin. Gavin had a dark past he had to overcome. His past was explained in good detail, but at times I wanted more angst out of him. Georgie just wanted love from Gavin. She fought hard. I liked that Georgie was written with such intelligence. She wasn’t a perfect, simple minded debutante. However I just wasn’t as invested in Georgie as I was in Gavin.

The secondary characters were rich and well developed. From the meddling, match making dowagers to a rival for Georgie’s attention, they were exciting and engaging.

Sometimes in the book I felt I knew where the plot was going. I felt there could of been more obstacles for the couple to overcome. The plot was well written and I became invested in the characters. It moved at a good pace, not too slow.

I have mixed emotions about this book. I am conflicted because it didn’t reach the pinnacle of some of the previous works to which I gave excellent ratings. I am looking for more humor and intrigue. I will be reading the next installment and for those who enjoyed the previous series I would advise them to read this book to see where it goes next.

I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley and Kensington Books, this is my honest, voluntary review.

I have read all the Marriage Game series from this author. I absolutely loved them! I recommend reading those first, then the Worthington series. They have humor, depth of plot, and occur in interesting locales. We all have preferences when it comes to reading and this book just didn’t shine for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I am glad I read it. It just wasn’t excellent. Until next time readers…read on!

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