A Hero For Lady Abigail by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison Book Review


A sweet, heartfelt, romantic treat!

This was such a surprising jewel! Lady Abigail is by all means and purposes the villain in this story. She has been selfish and has hurt a lot of people. But on second look her choices and actions might have had different motivations. Deep down she is trying to change to become a better person. She is fighting everyone’s perception of her and is slowly losing any prospects for a decent husband. I like how Abigail went through a metamorphosis through the novel.

Major Alex Mayfield is a returning soldier. He is tired of war and conflict. He has decided he wants a quiet, demur wife. Someone who won’t challenge him. Instead he finds rash, abrasive, headstrong Abigail. He then begins to weigh what he wants versus what he needs. I loved how Alex saw the good in Abigail and was willing to help her change into the loving woman she could be.

The push and pull between the couple was engaging and enthralling. It was a sweet story, just some kissing, but the tension and passion was palpable. Abigail and Alex had such good chemistry.

The plot was very much driven by Alex and Abigail’s interactions. It was well paced, a page turner. It kept my interest from the first page. A great little read for a cold winter’s afternoon. I read it in one sitting. I recommend this to lovers of sweet historical romance.

I received a gifted ARC of this novel, this is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This is the fifth and final book in the Wallflower Wish series. I hadn’t read the previous books, but I wasn’t lost. However it was obvious there was backstory from the previous novels. I will definitely go back and read the others! This one was that good!

Until next time…keep reading!

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