Cocky Earl by Annabelle Anders Book Review


This novel did a lovely job of taking a simple marriage of convenience/forced marriage plot and turning it upside down into something fresh.  Jules, the Earl of Westerley and his wealthy friends wager on everything.  Jules always wins…until he doesn’t.  He finds himself with a woman he didn’t want that he has to court and marry.  Jules at first seemed like an entitled snob to me.  However, as the story unfolds layers of his personality are discovered.  He is sure of himself because that is what he was groomed to be.  He has many flaws and has made huge mistakes in the past.  Beyond anything, he values his honor.  That principle made me respect Jules.  

Miss Charley Jackson is the only child of the American Whiskey Mogul.  Charley was such a wonderful character.  She was independent and had no use for entitled men who didn’t have to work a day in their life.  All that mattered to her was her distillery and making whiskey.  She prized her independence above everything else. I related to Charley.  She discovers she was too quick to judge the English ton and their behaviors.  I like that this book explores the fact that we too often make assumptions before we get to know the person.  Both Charley and Jules learn this lesson.

The plot was original, it started with a lost bet with the loser gaining a courtship he didn’t want.  It was a unique way to start the story.  The push and pull between the characters was exciting.  The story moved at an even pace.  The chemistry between the couple charmed and sparked.  There was a good amount of intrigue but it wasn’t angsty, which is how I like my books. 

This is the beginning of a series, I believe each friend will have a book, at least I hope they do!  I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the conflict and the passion.  Looking for a fresh change of pace?  This book is for you!

I kind of just stumbled upon this author!  I found her on a Facebook group page.  I gave one of her books a try and I loved it!  I am really enjoying this series.  The group of friends is really a brotherhood.  They are entitled and self-assured, but also very loyal to each other.  It is a great premise for a series.  I have a few ARCs to read first but I am definitely coming back to read more of this series! Until next time…keep reading!  

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