The Knot Of A Knight by Linda Rae Sande book review


This book was a fun Christmas romp!  Christmas 1824 will be memorable for the Roderick family.  It focuses on two couples who find love at first sight, whether they realize it or not.  It is two lovely stories of young love and second chance romance intertwined.  

Rachel Roderick is a daughter of a courtesan and an aristocrat.  She is young and a little unsure of herself.  Rachel has fortitude and bravery.  I admire her poise; she never gets aggravated.  Mark Merriweather is in search of a wife.  He is a second son with no obligations yet makes something of himself. I admired his sense of responsibility.  There is an innocence to Mark I thought worked.  Mark and Rachel’s love story was young love.  Their innocence mixed with consuming passion was captivating.  I enjoyed watching their love story unfold.  

Lady Xenobia Dunsworth is a reclusive widow whose life has been dreary and lacks passion.  Xenobia’s eagerness to enjoy life was infectious.  Sir Randolph Roderick is a widower with a young son.  He has never known unconditional love from a woman.  Being illegitimate could have colored his world, yet he embraces life.  Zenobia and Randolph’s story is second chance love.  The couple’s attraction to one another is electric.  It is passionate yet romantic at the same time.

The plot intertwined the two stories flawlessly.  It moved fast, keeping me riveted on both couples.  The dialogue was sharp and on point.  The love and passion were infectious.  I loved the Christmas backdrop; it gave it a festive feel.  I always enjoy this author’s books, and it is a treat to read them. If you want heartfelt, character-driven love stories, this book is for you!

I received a gifted ARC of this book, this is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This author writes engaging, romantic reads. The books are a little different as they always follow two different couples that have an intertwined connection. This makes it feel fresh. I always look forward to these novels. Until next time friends, read on!

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