Lord Satyr by Jade Lee Book Review


Jackson, Lord Sayres, and Lady Gwen Rees are two unique souls who march to their own drum.  Where he is charismatic and creative, she is intricate and introspective.  The tenderness in the way which Jackson treats Gwen tore at my heartstrings.  He was so patient, trying to understand and adapt to her needs.  He was kind and gentle in their burgeoning passion.  Gwen’s inquisitive nature toward Jackson was endearing.  At first glance, the couple seemed so mismatched, yet they complimented each other perfectly.  

Jackson has fought and clawed for everything he has against a formidable for who wants to keep him under her thumb.  He can see through the deception and find the truth.  I loved his strength of character and his sixth sense of what Gwen needed.  I fell in love with his nobility of spirit.  

I cannot put into words how much I related to and was encouraged by Gwen.  She was seen as an oddball and different.  She reasoned a little differently than others.  She had a hard time picking up social cues.  She was brilliant and held great passion yet was dismissed by the ton and her very own family.  I could feel Gwen’s intensity and cleverness.  I cried with understanding when the world was cruel to her.  Gwen was a kindred spirit to me.  The character conveyed how tragic it can be when we look at the world a little differently.  The character’s true beauty, both inside and out, was shown brilliantly. 

The love story was epic.  It was sweeping and all-encompassing.  The plot was intricate, yet it clipped along at a robust pace.  The villain was three-dimensional and very dislikable.  I thought it a unique twist, making her a smart, manipulative woman in a world dominated by men.  All the characters were strong, even the secondary friends and family members.  The heart of the story was two lonely people in search of completion.  They thought the completion monetary but found something much dearer.  Jackson’s and Gwen’s story was passionate and organic.  It flows smoothly off the page.  I cheered for this couple and their happily ever after.  

The author captured a unique, compelling love story.  It had beautiful dialogue, compelling characters, and a captivating plot.  It just might be my favorite book so far this year!  Such a fresh, unique outlook on a classic love story!

I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley and Dragonblade Publishing.  This is my honest, voluntary review.

This is my first book with this author, she has been on my to be read list for a while. I will definitely be going back and reading the first book in this series. It was so heartfelt and different. It made me smile and helped me, like Gwen, embrace my differences. A wonderful read!

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