The Devil In Her Bed by Kerrigan Byrne


This was an extravagant, exciting, tumultuous love story.  Although macabre at times, there is a purity in the couple’s love that transcends the horrors in their past and present.  Their all-encompassing passion burns off the page.  The unrequited love was both haunting and hopeful; it made you yearn for the couple’s happiness.  

Both Francesca and Declan had such tragic lives.  The way they overcame their pasts through vengeance was heartbreaking.  Their emotions were raw and believable.  There was such an inner beauty to Francesca.  I admired her strength and empowerment.  She was portrayed as a strong, capable woman, which is refreshing in a genre full of debutantes and wallflowers.  Declan’s raw physicality and sensuality were perfectly portrayed.  He was an enigmatic, vivid character.  Both Declan and Francesca’s personalities carried the plot through all the turmoil.  The secondary characters were raw and haunting.  The villain gave me nightmares.  He was terror personified.  He was a scene-stealing monster of a man.  He fit so well into the story.

The plot handled the violence and tragedy eloquently.  The innocence of their love was intertwined within all the malevolent undercurrents.  The story moved at a lightning pace, capturing my attention on page one.  All the deceit became complicated at times but was resolved very nicely.  Overall the story was overflowing with passion, obstacles, and action.  I felt a sense of closure at the end, which was pleasant.

After all the horror and trials the couple experienced, I would have liked an extended conclusion.  An epilogue would have been good, being this is the last book in a trilogy. I would have liked to see more of the couple’s future love story.  That being said, it was overall an incredible story.  So intricate and complex.  It mixed the passion and tragedy perfectly.  The love the two eventually shared melted my heart.  It was an excellent way to complete a terrific trilogy.  A must-read!

I received an ARC of the book through Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press, this is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This was the third book in the Devil You Know Trilogy. Just a little warning, all of this author’s books are a little dark. However there is always a satisfying happily ever after. I believe this trilogy is her darkest yet. But do not let that dissuade you from reading the series. It is a wonderfully written series. Definitely worth wading through the tragedy to get to a wonderful, fulfilling story! As I have said before, Kerrigan Byrne is one of my favorite authors. Her rich storytelling bounds off the page. I ardently recommend this book!

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