Lords Of Scandal Boxed Set Two by Tammy Andresen

This boxed set contains three separate stories.  They are Viscount Of Vice, Baron Of Bad, and Earl Of Sin.  Each are distinct, separate stories but interconnect seamlessly to create a wonderful world.  Below are my reviews of the boxed set and all three reviews.


This boxed set of Viscount Of Vice, Baron Of Bad, and Earl Of Sin are a fantastic read.  They are all very distinct in their individual ways.  They are adventurous and exciting.  I enjoyed the vivaciousness of the characters; they were vivid and outstanding.  The plots were action-packed and moved at a lightning pace.  I loved all three!  Below are my reviews of each separate book.



A refreshing, lovely read!  I enjoyed it from page one.  The book grabbed my attention, and it did not let go.  

Blake and Ada were both strong characters.  I loved Ada’s shyness and clumsiness.  She was endearing and lovable.  She was so unsure of herself yet intense of nature at the same time.  My first impression of Blake was that he had no respect for women. However, that opinion changed.  He has a deep-seated sadness that encouraged his roguish ways.  He had a vulnerability that I liked.  Together they shared great passion.  They awakened that passion within each other.  They were so good together. They were complimenting each other perfectly.  

The plot was intriguing and entertaining.  I was hooked on page one.  It moved at a perfect pace. The story intertwined characters from other books, which gave it an exquisite feel.  It was a unique take on the wallflower and rake storyline.  The rake had a conscious and a reason to be how he was.  The wallflower had hidden beauty and strength.  A lot was going on in this story, but it was well thought out and seamlessly done.  

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I loved the romantic storyline and charismatic characters.  It left me smiling with a happy feeling that everything worked out splendidly.  It was a heartfelt, romantic read—a great love story.  I will read this whole series!

I received a gifted copy of this book by the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.



I love a story about a man with a dark past and a bright future!  This was Ben’s journey of finding self-worth.  Actually, in a way, it was Grace’s self-worth journey also.  They both have preconceived ideas of who they are, but together the couple finds out who they could be.

The passion between the two was fiery and vivid.  Their longing for each other was visceral.  The plot was romantic and fast-paced.  It moved along nicely and kept my attention.  It did need to be read after Viscount Of Vice as the story is interconnected. This was no chore, as the Viscount Of Vice was a lovely story.  

This book was such a joy to read!  I loved the characters and storyline. It was a passionate, romantic love story at its heart.  Add plenty of action, and you get a thoroughly enjoyable book!  

I received a gifted copy of this book by the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.



What a lovely story of a beautiful spinster and a kind-hearted earl devastated by his past.  It was so heartfelt.  There wasn’t much going on with villains or action like the other books in this set.  This installment was more character-driven, and the characters were wonderful! It was a nice change of pace from the first two books.

Cole, a widower with a daughter, has buried his heart so-as never to be hurt again.  Mary is a spinster whose personal loss is devastating, yet she abounds in spirit and vivacity.  Cole was such a wounded animal.  I just wanted to comfort him.  Mary had such tenacity and strength.  Together they must find the love to heal one another.  

As stated above, the plot was character-driven.  It was written beautifully.  There wasn’t a need for action in this one.  The story pulled at my heartstrings.  Anne, the daughter, was so precious.  The passion they felt was electrifying from the very start.  The plot moved very quickly.  It kept my attention; I was cheering for the couple’s happily ever after!

I received a gifted copy of this book from the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This boxed set was excellent.  I read it in one day.  They are three distinctive stories all tied together into an entertaining read. I am going back to read the first trilogy and future books in the series as well.  An excellent way to pass a dreary afternoon!  I highly recommend them.  

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