To Win A Highland Scot by Tamara Gill


A breath-taking time travel romance!  This was a story full of action, warmth, and passion.  A wild ride!

I love a robust highland warrior, and Boyd Macleod delivers!  He is fierce.  Boyd is irrevocably tied to a past through a curse that destroys any hope for a loving future.  He is the ultimate warrior.  Maya Harris has never been comfortable anywhere.  She is thrown into a long-ago past with a gorgeous Highlander.  I liked how level-headed she was with the trauma of being thrown back in time.  Maya does not panic; she accepts her fate with plucky determination.  I liked her attitude.  The couple’s passion seared the page.  Their love story was a sweeping, epic adventure.  I was invested in the characters.  They immersed me into this fantastical world of fae, battles, and, most importantly, love.  I devoured the pages craving Boyd and Maya’s happily ever after!

The plot is a plethora of magic, battles, and passion.  This plot moved!  The pace was rapid-fire fast.  The momentum of the story kept gaining throughout the book.  Intriguing magic was sprinkled throughout the story but did not overpower it.  Through all the strife and turmoil, this is a story of a man and woman who find their soulmates in each other.  Not even time can hinder that.  What I liked most was that the passionate love story didn’t get lost in the fantastical nature of the book.  It was heartwarming yet kept me on the edge of my seat.

Many years ago, I read a ton of Scottish time travel historical romance.  They all started to blend together.  They had the same plot line and the same characters.  This book was a breath of fresh air in the genre.  The book captivated my interest.  The plot was fresh, I cared deeply for the characters, and medieval Scotland’s backdrop was breathtaking.  Anyone who likes time travel romance will find a new favorite book.  Those who have never ventured into time travel romance?  This series is the perfect jumping-off point!  Don’t miss this book!

I received a gifted ARC of this book from the author.  This is my honest, voluntary review.

To Win A Highland Scot is book three in A Time-Traveler’s Highland Love. It is my first book by this author and I am going back to read the other two books in the series. These books have re-ignited my love of this genre. I am proud to say that this is the first Scottish time-travel book I have reviewed on my blog. A great way to start!

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