Embellished In Mauve by Sandra Sookoo


This was a romantic, delightful Scottish-Regency tale!  Exciting plot lines, charismatic characters, and beautiful scenery create an enchanting story.  The backdrop of Scotland within the Regency era was a refreshing change from London.  An entertaining, heartfelt read.

I loved that Mathias and Cecilia were such fiercely independent individuals.  They fought against the chafing expectations that society placed on them.  They knew their hopes and desires.  I loved the couple’s stubbornness, even when it became a stumbling block between them.  

This was very much a character-driven story.  The dialogue and many conversations between the couple made it possible to see each character in three dimensions.  Many of the scenes take place in the beauty of outdoors Scotland.  

The plot moved at an even, strong pace.  The dialogue in the storyline showcased the characters as individuals.  My attention was captured and kept throughout the entirety of the book.  

Overall, this was a delightful story; I became engrossed with the couple’s journey.  The passion between the two was electric.  I enjoyed that the characters had obstacles they had to resolve before they reached their happily ever after.  The plot didn’t just gloss over these problems; it explored them.  I felt the location and era combined to make the story fresh.  I found this book a romantic treat!  I fervently recommend this book.  If you are looking for something a little different, look no further.  For Scotland lovers, the beautiful description of the land plus the fantastic folk tales will endear you.  A lovely, romantic journey between two very independent, strong individuals who find their path to love together.  Something they never expected.  A fun, joyous experience!

I received an ARC of this book through Booksprout.  This is my honest, voluntary review.

Embellished In Mauve is the seventh book in the Colors Of Scandal series. This book really surprised me. Most of the book focuses on conversations the couple is having without a lot of action. Instead of being boring, the dialogue is smart and witty. I enjoyed their battle of wills! Something I also like and always point out is that the storyline focuses on how unfair life was to women in this time. Our heroine had dreams of being something more that just decorative, she dreamed of a purpose and making a difference. Mathias helps open the door to Celilia’s dream, rather than smashing it. I cheered for this couple! A great read and I can’t wait to read more of this series!

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