Earl Of Brecken by Aubrey Wynne


I love the Wicked Earl’s Club series!  The series always bring an entertaining, sweet love story.  It’s always a quick, happy read.

Madoc’s coffers are empty, and his mother is pushing him to marry.  Even though he is financially destitute, I like that he holds out hope for love.  There were times he seemed almost clinical when trying to choose a bride, but he warmed to me when he found Evie.  Evie is idealistic and falls for Madoc; unbeknownst to her that he is broke.  Her bubbly innocence was refreshing and added to the story.  Their passion was a slow burn, growing as they spent more time together.

There was a lot of the plot where the couple wasn’t together.  However, those absences gave depth to the individual characters.  The story did not race by but kept an even, exciting pace.  It took me a few pages to get invested, but when I did, I was 100%.  I loved Evie’s sister and Madoc’s father; they gave the plot substance.

This book was a sweet romance, but I still felt the intense attraction between the couple.  This was a fun, short read.  If you like the Wicked Earl’s Club, you’ll enjoy this book!

I received an ARC of this book from Booksprout.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

I enjoy all of the Wicked Earl’s Club books. Many different authors contribute to this series. Each book focuses on a different Earl and his love interest. Every story is a sweet, romantic read. The passion, if not written, is felt on the pages. This was another great addition to the series.

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