Duchess If You Dare by Anabelle Bryant


This had the potential of being a great book; however, it was a good book.  It had some plot and character issues.  I liked the general premise.  I feel it could be a jumping-off point to more substantial future installments in this series. 

I tried really hard to relate to and love these characters.  I found doing this was difficult.  I liked Scarlett; she had a fierce spirit.  She is independent and capable.  She, along with her friends, participate as unofficial detectives.  I enjoyed the idea of Scarlett.  However, the reality of her fell a little flat.  Her personality didn’t always shine through as much as I would have liked.  But when it did, she sparkled.  I had a more challenging time relating to Ambrose.  I wanted to like him; however, he was too perfect and a little too arrogant.  I understand he needed to live up to his title of Duke.  He was at times two-dimensional, being the pious perfectionist.  He treated Scarlett more of an inconvenience than a love interest.  Near the book’s conclusion, he took on quite the attitude change, and I liked him better; as the book progressed, he became more life-like.

The plot was grounded and held a lot of potential.  There were times where the storyline excelled, and the book was entertaining and exciting.  Sometimes it was a little sluggish.  I always comment when a book focuses on women’s rights in this era.  This book addresses this subject excellently. The women’s rights issues were a solid focal point.  I cared less for the class struggles.  I didn’t feel that the latter found a resolution.  This was a slow burn plot.  I like the story to be a little faster-paced.

I felt this book didn’t live up to its full potential.  All the elements were there; it just didn’t finish strong.  I would have liked a more extended conclusion or an epilogue.  I felt the ending was a little rushed.  That being said, the book was likable and easy to read.  This wasn’t the best step forward in a new series.  It did set the stage for other books focusing on the other members of the club.  I feel these future books can be excellent if they will build momentum from the first book.  Overall, I wanted a little more, but it will not deter me from reading the other books in this series.  I feel with a few improvements; the subsequent books could be significant.  

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and Kensington Books.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.  

This is the first book in the Maidens Of Mayhem series. I always enjoy the books I read. I try to be respectful and honest. I feel this series has great promise even after a bumpy start. The general themes that flow through each book could be the beginning of something great.

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