The Young And The Ruined: Compromised by Various Authors

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 – Overall

This was a collection of six novellas focusing on ruining one’s reputation by one means or another.  These stories were as varied as they were entertaining.  I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, but overall it was a solid showing.  They were all very romantic, with a little bit of heartache and humor blended in.  All had beautiful characters and fast-moving plots.  This was a great break from long novels.  



This was a captivating second chance romance.  Nell and James had a tragic background but found a second chance at love.  I loved James’ daughter, Valentina; she was such a ray of sunshine.  This was a quick-paced, endearing story.  The characters were vivid.  The couple’s unrequited love and passion were palpable.   Although short, the plot had a depth to it.  A new author to me and a great read!



This was a cute, clever little story!  I loved the plot; it was different, romantic, and very entertaining.  Poor Lady Sophie finds herself in a mess and ends up on Laird Ewan’s boat and in his arms.  From starting as a convenient situation, their lives change for the better by finding all-encompassing love—a fast, enjoyable plot with passionate characters.  I read a lot of this author and, as usual, loved this book!



This, by far, was my favorite story in the collection.  Peter and Annie’s love story was heart-wrenching and so very romantic at the same time.  Peter was swoon-worthy!  Such a good, loyal man.  Annie finds herself in dire circumstances, and Peter saves her.  They both deal with past trauma, but together their love for each other heals them.  Peter was such a lovely character, so damaged yet also serene and heroic.  I loved watching their love story unfold.  The plot had many unique elements and was a nice change of pace.  I loved it and will read more from this author!



This was not my favorite story in the collection.  The characters were well written, and the plot was solid.  The story was vibrant and stood out. However, I was not too fond of Diana; to me, she was off-putting.  I understand why she did what she did, but she came off as course and uncaring.  I liked John; I felt sorry for him; he had faults but was treated too harshly to my taste.  The plot moved quickly.  I just thought it was too cruel, although it did have a satisfying happily ever after.  Personally, this one just wasn’t for me.



Addison, the Duke of Bedwell, is the epitome of what a perfect duke should be.  Collette Jones is the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman whose desire is to belong somewhere.  Through happenstance and fate, the two find each other.  I liked how both Addison and Collette had to face their demons.  Where Addison’s were more emotional and physical, Collette’s were her lack of confidence and of not belonging anywhere.  Together they find kindred spirits and a wholeness that they lacked separately.  The plot was intelligent and sexy.  The characters sharp and charismatic.  This was a steamy, passionate, very romantic read.  It made me smile.  This a favorite author of mine, and she never disappoints!



This was such a sweet, romantic read.  The couple was adorable together.  Although the tropes in this story are used a lot, this story kept it fresh.  Garnett and Rafe were such likable characters.  It was enjoyable watching them fall in love.  There were intrigue and antagonists.  A lot was going on. However, it was entertaining rather than overwhelming.  The plot was fun; the characters were memorable.  I had never read this author before, but I would read her works again!

I enjoy novella collections. However, I do not read a lot of them.  The downfall is that they are monsters to review!  I find these collections pleasantly distracting.  It is a nice change of pace reading them.  I also usually find a new author or two to read more.  I found myself very pleased with this collection.  These were six very distinct, romantic, passionate tales!

I received an ARC of this book from the author.  This is my honest, voluntary review.

Thank you for your time reading this review!  It was a treat to read!  These novellas were fast reads that kept my attention.  In other news, THURSDAY, APRIL 1st  I will do a blog blitz for a book I recently reviewed that comes out that day,  the book is The Design Of Dukes by Kathleen Ayers!  I will have blurbs, links, graphics, and an excerpt to share with you!  The Design Of Dukes was a great read, if you are interested in reading it, definitely stop by Thursday and check it out!  

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