Happy Release Week To Charming Dr. Forrester!

Hello fellow readers! All week I have been celebrating the publication of a book I dearly love. I have had teasers and spotlights for it, now I will publish my review one more time, just in case you missed it! This will be my last post about Charming Dr. Forrester. I hope I have pointed you in the right direction to buy it.


Some novels stand out because of how they can make me care for the characters.  It is something that doesn’t happen often, but I felt a visceral connection to the storyline.  I love the entire premise of the plot.  I was connected and present through the entirety of the book.

It is beautiful when characters face relatable obstacles.  Dr. Robert Forrester has PTSD caused by his time in the military.  He has recently lost his support system.  He is entirely alone.  The portrayal of PTSD and its debilitating effects are spot on.  I couldn’t help but relate with Robert.  I desired to help him.  Robert is so damaged and lost.  He needed things he didn’t have to help keep the horrific past at bay.  Johanna is a widow enjoying her freedom from a loveless marriage.  She feels useless and without purpose.  She is lost and lonely, needing a meaningful and romantic, passionate connection.  The sparks fly when the two meet, the mutual attraction undeniable.

The heart of the story is about two lonely, lost souls who need understanding and love urgently.  Robert and Johanna are both broken.  Their vulnerability was visceral.  The path from enemies to lovers was paced well and believable.  I liked that it took a while for the couple to warm to each other; it was not rushed.  These are two very different people who must find a way to co-exist.  The plot was realistic in response to PTSD; it was written with respect and knowledge.  The backdrop and secondary characters help to keep the book well-rounded.  

This novel is an excellent start to a new series.  I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I found it was a powerful and loving story.  It tackled severe topics but combined it with a tender, slow-burn passion.  I was delighted with both epilogues.  The story caught me from the first page.  I loved everything about this book.  It was a plethora of emotions that were tragic, gritty, romantic, and passionate.  A great roller-coaster of a story!

I received an ARC of this book from the author, this is my honest, voluntary opinion.

Check out this new release by @authorjemmafrost

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