Clad In Midnight by Sandra Sookoo


I enjoy this series, Colors Of Scandal, and this book was a welcomed edition.  This book caught my attention at the beginning and kept it.  This story was a little darker and dealt with extreme trauma, but it was still a very engaging read.  Haunting and tragic at times, the book’s core focused on how love can heal, even the deepest of wounds.

In the beginning, Colin was a tragic figure.  He had been through the war as a spy.  He came back broken and hollow.  His stark desperation resonated with me.  He was terrified of lowering his defenses to care or love anyone.  He was a lonely, stoic figure. What he went through during the war created a visceral reaction in me.

Mary was a bored widow that was looking for adventure.  She experienced more than she could ever imagine.  The story took Mary from a spoiled debutante to an independent, self-sufficient woman.  I loved her growth throughout the novel.  She had hidden grit and fortitude.

Although there was violence on the page, the worse trauma was off-page as recollection.  There were some atrocities remembered by Colin that were difficult to read.  However, this violence was integral to the plot.  It formed what Colin became after the war.  The violence was handled respectfully.  It tied the storyline together.  The story was more complex than the last novel in the series.  It was intricate and fast-paced.  There was action and mystery.  The plot kept the reader engaged.  The traumatic events take the whole book to resolve, being the heart of the story.  The story was well thought out and executed.  I enjoyed every aspect of the book.

The couple’s connection was explosive from the first encounter.  Their first meeting was quite unique.  Their attraction increased throughout the book.  As the passion grew, it became fierce.  The emotions the couple share are healing, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the book.

I loved the plethora of emotions that I felt throughout the book.  It was a well-paced story of a broken man who finds healing from a horrendous experience by embracing love.  The book was a journey of self-forgiveness.  It was haunting and tragic, yet hopeful and romantic.  It was a wonderful reading experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.  I love the storyline and thought it surprising and thought-provoking.  The plot had purpose and a message that a person can heal from terrible past horrors with love and time.   There was a wonderful, hopeful message to the plot.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, a great, immersive read!

I received this ARC through Booksprout.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.  

Clad In Midnight is book eight of the Colors Of Scandal series.  This series grows and matures with each new book.  They are captivating, entertaining reads.  This was a sleeper series for me, as I just discovered it a few months ago.  It is a solid, fun series.  I enjoy these books and always look forward to the next installment.

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