A Harlot At The Highland Court by Celeste Barclay


I love it when the writing, plot, and characters combine into a beautiful love story!  This book was exactly that.  The emphasis on the burgeoning love between Dominic and Emelie was never lost.  The whole plot centered around the intricate connection between the couple.

Both Dominic and Emelie have reasons not to trust the connection they instantly feel.  Although they are unsure, they find healing and comfort in each other.  I loved Emelie’s sweet spirit.  Instead of being bitter, she is hopeful when she meets Dominic. Dominic has every reason not to trust Emelie.  I could feel how he instinctively knew Emelie was his salvation.  Dominic was Emelie’s rock.  The care he takes with Emelie is heartwarming.  The loving story between the two was written with such warm respect.  Their connection was instant.  The passion between the two had a feeling of urgency and abandon.  

The plot, having a beautiful love story, also had action and intrigue.  The story intertwined the feelings of longing and caution into a powerful romance.  Although focusing on the relationship between the couple, there was an antagonist who I despised.  He was well developed and helped carry the story.  The plot moved quickly and kept a fast, steady pace.  I was mesmerized on page one, and I was relentlessly intrigued throughout the entirety of the book!

Ms. Barclay again writes a stunning novel!  I felt the love and care in every word.  There was a sweet urgency to the passion infused throughout the entirety of the book.  The interactions between the characters were rich and believable.  The secondary characters and backdrop were lush and gave completeness.  I loved everything!  It was an endearing telling of two love-weary people who find friendship and unconditional love.

I received this ARC through Booksprout.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

At first, I shied away from medieval and pirate novels until I read this author.  Ms. Barclay has made me fall in love with them.  This is the twelfth book in the Highland Ladies series.  These books take place in Medieval Scotland.  The author breathes life into this period; it is lush and vivid.  I have not read all of these novels, but I am going back!  This is such a lovingly told novel.  If you are looking for a break from Regency or Victorian romance, give these books a try!

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