Tempting Fate by Kerrigan Byrne


Although all Gabriel knows is violence and pain, his and Felicity’s love story is the tenderest, most romantic in the Good Girls series.  I have enjoyed all the books in this series. However, I have looked forward to Gabriel and Felicity’s story.  This is by leaps and bounds the most enjoyable, most vital book in a beautiful series. 

Gabriel and Felicity’s love, embedded with violence and fear, had the most visceral and organic feel.  Gabriel, a man forged in hate and pain, was, in a sincere way, an innocent to any loving, genuine touch.  Demons from within haunt Felicity.  She has lived her life scared and lonely.  Together their physical and emotional need for one another was explosive on an elemental level.  Gabriel’s gentleness and protective nature towards Felicity had my heart skipping beats!  Gabriel sees himself only as a monster until Felicity’s inner radiance rips through his tattered soul.  Felicity was afraid of life.  However, her fragility also created an inner core of grit and power she didn’t even realize she wielded.  The couple’s personalities were so attuned to each other.  I loved how separately they were broken, but together they were a loving, functioning pair of confidants and lovers.  

The plot was a beautiful re-telling of an old fairytale.  Here the beast’s soul is unsalvageable except for Felicity’s ever-inclusive love.  I couldn’t put this book down.  The plot ensnared me from the very start.  The couple’s innocent attraction and all-encompassing need shone throughout the pages.  There were reunions, mysteries, and a nefarious plot.  However, the story always came back to focus on Gabriel and Felicity’s burgeoning love, sweet and uncertain, yet solid and life-changing.

I read the last two chapters and epilogue twice; I couldn’t leave the couple!  The plot was intriguing, the characters unforgettable, and the ending was perfect.  There was such a feeling of completeness to the story.  I enjoy when two very deserving people find love, and Gabriel and Felicity were that and so much more!

I received this ARC through Booksprout.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This is the fourth book in the Goode Girls series.  I first fell in love with Kerrigan Byrne’s writing with the Victorian Rebels series.  The Goode Girls series is an offshoot of the last series.  I highly recommend reading the Victorian Rebels series first.  They are fantastic!  The Goode Girls series keep me wanting more!  The last two books about the Sauvageau brothers and the Goode twins are the best in the Goode Girls series to date.  Sometimes these books are a little darker than I usually read. However, the plots and writing quality are exceptional.  Once I started reading the Highwayman (first in the Victorian Rebel series), I was caught in a wondrous adventure that I never wanted to end!  My advice is to step out of the comfortable and start reading a series that will take hold of your heart and not let go!

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