The Jewel Of An Earl’s Heir by Linda Rae Sande


I look forward to Linda’s books.  They are always a captivating read.  I love how she can intertwine several storylines to create a rich world of passion and romance.  As with the other books in the series, this one was excellent.

This story centers around Harold, the Earl of Everly, his wife Stella, and their son Alexander and his love interest, Margaret.  Harold and Stella have settled into a stagnate, comfortable relationship.  They had lost the fire in their marriage.  They reignite their feelings for each other and begin a passionate journey together.  I love how the couple goes from boring routine to not being able to  keep their hands off each other!  Alexander and Margaret meet by chance.  Both have physical challenges they are learning to accept.  I love how they learn to benefit from one another’s strength to create something beautiful.  Alexander and Margaret’s romance builds at a steady pace throughout their journey.  The innocence in their attraction was captivating.  Their journey of learning about each other’s passions was a delight to read.  Both couples complimented each other.

I was riveted to the page.  The plot kept me engaged from the start.   The many facets of the action shone brightly.  At its core, the story was about the excitement of both re-kindled and burgeoning love.  The two couples were at opposite ends of the romance spectrum, and that complemented the entirety of the plot.  The story was enchanting and electric.  I didn’t want it to end!

I do not have a critique for this book.  I love a full-sale, exciting romance.   One, like this, pulls at my heartstrings and leaves me wanting more.  I loved the ending and epilogue.  I did not want to stop reading about both couple’s extraordinary journey to a happily ever after.  This book shows how love can be found throughout every stage of life.  That is a beautiful sentiment, and it is the core of this book.  I didn’t want this beautiful journey to end!

I received a gifted ARC through the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

The Jewel of An Earl’s Heir is the fifth book in the Heirs Of The Aristocracy series.  There is a plethora of Aristocracy series by this author, and each is a romantic treat.  The author weaves two stories together in a breathtaking way.  The characters always jump off the page and the storylines are always original and fast paced. I discovered this author by complete chance! Last December, I read a novella by Linda in a Christmas collection. I instantly fell in love! I researched her and found she had tons of regency era books that intertwine but can be read seperately. I was lucky enough to apply to be on her review team. This is the third book I have reveiwed as an ARC. I feel the writing in these books grow stronger every time. I highly recommend this author. Do not miss this series; they are all a must-read!

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