Courtship Of Convenience by Jane Charles


This was a sweet love story of a misunderstood rake and a unique young lady.  The book focuses almost exclusively on the romantic journey of the couple.  Violet is often described as strange or snobbish.  She is neither of those things.  She has an analytical mind and looks at the world through the mind of a scientist.  Her world is devoid of emotions.  Everything is under control and managed.  Ferrard is a rake that has a way with widows.  Many think of him as a shallow good for nothing.  Underneath all the bravado is a caring, responsible man.  At first, I had difficulty liking Violet.  She was abrasive.  However, as her character matured, I found myself invested in her character.  Eventually, I enjoyed reading about Violet.  I liked Ferrard from the start.  He was relatable.  

I enjoyed the storyline.  It kept my interest, and I began to care about the couple.  The pace was erratic, sometimes fast, sometimes slower.  I enjoyed the quick parts better.  The couple’s connection was evident from the beginning.  However, this was a slow burn.  There are a lot of obstacles before their happily ever after.

Except for a couple of minor issues, I like this book and would recommend it.  The couple’s journey was romantic.  I enjoyed how different Violet was compared to social expectations.  I admired how Ferrard accepted and encouraged Violet.  This is a journey of love and acceptance.  Something I think we call all relate.

I received a gifted copy of this ARC through the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

Courtship Of Convenience is the second book in the Observations Of A Wallflower series.  I always enjoy an eccentric heroine.  Someone that is not restrained from societal norms.  Violet was this personified.  The subject of the lack of women’s rights is discussed.  Ferrard was open minded about Violet not giving up her freedom when entering marriage.  He was supportive of her intelligence.  It was obvious by the end of the book that the couple were perfect for each other.  

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