New Release Spotlight! A Harlot At The Highland Court by Celeste Barclay

She trusted the wrong man…He trusted the wrong woman…Do they dare trust each other?

Hello readers! Today we are celebrating the release of A Harlot At The Highland Court. I loved this book! Look below for excerpts, author bio, buy links and much more! If you haven’t read my review, please click below.

My Review

She trusted the wrong man…

Lady Emelie Dunbar has made the gravest error an unmarried lady-in-waiting can make. The man she believes will be a bridegroom who loves, honors, and cherishes her turns out to be a duplicitous lover. Left with few choices, Emelie struggles to make a decision that will protect not only her reputation but her younger sister Blythe’s. When rescue comes from an unexpected Highlander, Emelie must decide whether she’s finally found the right man to trust. Can Emelie believe an offer that seems too good to be true? Are her instincts right this time?

He trusted the wrong woman…

Dominic Campbell, Laird Brodie Campbell’s younger brother, is still reeling from the humiliation and shame his dead wife left in her wake. Sent to court in his brother’s stead, Dominic intended to conduct his clan’s business and leave, not discover a troubled young woman in dire need of help. When he offers the protection of not only his sword but his name, Dominic wonders if he’s found his redemption. Can Dominic make good on his promise that Emelie’s secret’s safe with him? Can love bloom from this marriage of convenience?

Dominic and Emelie believe they’ve reached an understanding that provides Emelie the security she needs and brings Dominic a sense of purpose. But when the very source of Emelie’s troubles decides he will not let another man raise his child, the couple discovers to what lengths their nemesis will go to ensure Emelie never tells her secret to another person. Can their burgeoning love survive the looming scandal? Is their trust strong enough to protect them?

Welcome to Robert the Bruce’s Highland Court, where the ladies-in-waiting are a mixture of fire and ice. The Highland Ladies, the STEAMY spinoff series from Celeste Barclay’s The Clan Sinclair series, returns to the Medieval royal court for love and intrigue.


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Praise for Celeste Barclay: 

“Number 12 in The Highland Court series and it does not disappoint!!! Celeste has delivered yet another story chocked full of wonderful scene depictions, there is betrayal, strong characters and twists and turns you never saw coming.” Goodreads, Diane

“The Highland Court novels have become one of my favorite series, with each book bringing adventure, romance and heroes to warm one’s heart.” Bookbub, Margaret


Copyright 2021 Celeste Barclay

“You’re a fixer.”

“I’m a what?” Emelie’s declaration confused him.

“You want to make things better. You wanted to fix things between you and Colina, so you catered to her whims. You wanted to fix things between you and your clan, so you carried out her sentence. You wanted to fix me, so you offered to marry me.”

“I don’t want to fix you. You’re perfect as you are,” Dominic argued.

“I wouldn’t go that far. But you wanted to make things better for me, to take care of me. You’re a mon with an enormous heart who cares aboot others and wants to see the best in them. I find no fault in that, Dom. You believe it’s your duty.”

“Roundabout as it is, you’re back to calling yourself my duty. I wanted—want—to help you. I don’t feel obligated, and I never did.”

“Mayhap. But you wanted to rescue me.” Emelie bit her bottom lip again. “Why?”

“Because you were naive and alone. I saw the opportunity to help you.”

“But why did you even feel compelled to help me?”

“I don’t know. I thought I could—” Dominic broke off. Emelie’s eyes locked with his, and he feared she felt everything he thought. He knew what he felt, but he didn’t want to say it aloud, to admit that his motives had been selfish.

“You thought you had a second chance. A second chance that would redeem yourself. You’d feel better by taking me in and rescuing me, and you thought your clan would approve of me after what Colina did.” Emelie stood up, and Dominic followed. “Regardless of whether you grieve your dead wife, you want me as a substitute.”

“I do not,” Dominic hissed as he grabbed Emelie’s arms.

“Ow,” Emelie whimpered.

“Dear God. I’m sorry, Emelie. I didn’t mean to be rough with you, I swear. I didn’t realize.” Dominic took a broad step back, and Emelie could see the shame written across his face. It crushed him to think he’d done her any harm. As she looked at Dominic, she realized that he was a man in pain. A pain soul deep, and eating him alive. She took a step toward him, and she feared he would be the one crying. She took another, tentative as if she approached a wounded animal.

“I know you didn’t, Dom. You never would do it on purpose. You’re a wee stronger than me, and a good deal bigger. You didn’t realize it,” Emelie soothed as she ran her hands over Dominic’s chest.

“I just didn’t want you to walk away. I will never imprison you and use my size against you. I truly am sorry. I acted without thinking.”

“Dom, it’s all right. You’ve given me much to think aboot and much to digest. It’s a wee overwhelming to know the truth.”

“Emelie, I need you to know something else.”

Emelie braced herself for whatever was coming. She doubted she would appreciate whatever it was. “What else?”

“Yesterday, I couldn’t take you in my auld chamber because it reminded me of Colina. But not because I miss her. It felt as though her evil lurked within. I want you nowhere near that. You are too pure of heart to be dirtied by aught that was hers. I will never use that chamber again.”

Emelie was certain her lip would crack from how often she bit down on it during this conversation. She released the tortured skin before gaining her courage to ask, “What chamber will you use?”


Celeste Barclay, a nom de plume, lives near the Southern California coast with her husband and sons. Growing up in the Midwest, Celeste enjoyed spending as much time in and on the water as she could. Now she lives near the beach. She’s an avid swimmer, a hopeful future surfer, and a former rower. Before becoming a full-time author, Celeste was a Social Studies and English teacher. She holds degrees in International Affairs (BA), Secondary Social Science (MAT), and Political Management (MPS). She channels that knowledge into creating rich historical romances that bring the steam.



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