To Dare A Rogue by Lana Williams


I enjoyed the slow burn love story of James and Charlotte.  James is a returning soldier, a tortured soul struggling to reintegrate into society.  He wastes his nights away with women, gambling, and drinking.  He is lost until he connects with his best friend’s sister, Charlotte.  Charlotte is chaffing at her overbearing, cruel father and his plans for her future.  She yearns for adventure before she is forced into a miserable marriage.  Slowly, James and Charlotte find solace and love with each other.  The couple’s connection is pure and passionate.  I felt for James and his difficulties after the war.  I was so frustrated with Charlotte’s father, an uncaring beast of a man who lived to make others miserable.  All the secondary characters were well written and contributed brilliantly to the plot.  

As a slow burn, the plot moved at a steady, unhurried pace.  The connection the couple forged kept my attention to the page.  The portrayal of their struggles and the struggles of those around them gave the plot many layers.  There are many unhappy characters in this story; they all found a resolution that brought peace.  There were many hurdles to happiness for this couple; they were forced through many trials.  Ultimately, all these struggles generate a love that could withstand any obstacle.  This was a character-driven story.  The characters were resilient and showcased the plot.  This was an enticing, entertaining read.

I received this ARC through the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

To Dare A Rogue is the sixth book in the Rogue Chronicles series.  I am hesitant with slow burn novels.  I usually prefer a faster-paced plot.   However, the slower pace of this book allowed for extensive primary and secondary character development.  The story was built around the vibrancy of the characters.  It was an enjoyable, well-executed read.

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