The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere by Anna Bradley


This book was a fun, engaging enemies to lovers mystery.  It was a perfect balance of romance and intrigue.  My attention was captured at the beginning and kept me urgently turning the pages.  I had been in a reading slump, and this book pulled me out of it.  I loved everything about this book.

Benedict Harcourt, the Earl of Haslemere, is an infamous rake.  Georgiana Harley was rescued from the streets and raised in a home for girls in unfortunate circumstances.  She works cases for clients that need discretion.  Georgiana had an acerbic tongue and loved order over emotion.  She was feisty and naïve at the same time.  I loved her independent spirit.  Benedict is perceived as a shallow, selfish rake.  As the book progresses, Benedict’s true nature is revealed.  He is a loving, responsible, thoughtful man.  I love the gentleness he has with his family.  Together, Benedict and Georgiana had combustive chemistry.  Their relationship started with distrust and aggravation.  The couple’s banter was written with sharp wit and cunning barbs.  Their relationship was so much fun to read as they slowly go from untrusting to mutual attraction and eventually love.  I loved how their relationship unfolded.  It was perfectly paced and highly romantic.  I genuinely cared about these characters.  Their undeniable attraction and passion were captivating.

The mystery in the novel was well thought out and kept me guessing until the end.  The plot was edgy and urgent.  The pages flew by.  The story went at a relentless pace keeping me engaged and wanting more.  The secondary characters were as strong as the main couple.  They supported the mystery and enlivened the entire story.  I cared for and was invested in the welfare of the characters.  I can usually guess the solution to the puzzle halfway into the novel, but I could not in this case.  It was an intricate mystery that unfolded perfectly.  The resolution was not discovered until the final chapters.  There was a perfect balance between romance and mystery.  The passion and romance grew to a fever pitch through the entire book. 

I love when a plot comes together seamlessly.  The couple was captivating.  The storyline was a perfect combination of passion and endless questions.  It isn’t easy to marry romance and mystery to a satisfying culmination.  The couple’s connection was sizzling from the very beginning.  I have no critique.  This was an excellent marriage of a passionate love story and a challenging puzzle.  I unconditionally recommend this novel, it is a sharp, clever, loving experience.

I received this ARC through Netgalley and Kensington Books.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion. 

This book is the third in the Swooning Virgin’s Society.  This is my first journey with this author and I found the novels engaging.  The characters and plot shone and stood out.  Romantic mysteries are hard to get the right balance.  That balance is what endeared me to this book.  A wonderful journey!

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