Tender Blackguard by Amy Sandas


I have been impatiently waiting the second installment of this wonderful, exciting series.  I started reading the Fallen Ladies series, the previous, connected series.  All these books engaged my imagination from page one; this book was no exception.  The plot was intricate, sexy, dark and haunting at times yet always held the promise of love and redemption.  The love story was authentic.  I desperately wanted these characters to find love and peace both from within themselves and each other.  I feel the currant underneath this fantastic story is that we are more than the sum of what made us.  No matter what our background, we choose our futures.  That was a lesson I desperately wanted our couple to learn.  Through this enthralling, rich plot, our couple makes hard choices that earn them their happily ever after.

These characters were lovingly written.  Alastair’s past is dark and twisted through no fault of his own.  His young life was destroyed by the vile dynasty his father created.  Lark is a product of the rookery.  She has brought her station up to a respectable house servant.  She enters Alastair’s household, looking for answers that turn out to be similar to Alastair’s own goals.  My heart ached for Alastair.  His past was inconceivably horrible.  He was a tragically noble character.  Lark was confident and had an elegant, silent strength.  She was a perfect match to Alastair.  The couple’s connection and passion were off the charts.  They captured my interest, and their plight resonated with me.

The plot captures you from the start.  There are a plethora of emotions I went through while reading this book.  It showcased a gambit of malevolence and depravity to hope and fierce love.  At times the plot was all-encompassing; it took my breath away.  This story moved!  The pages flew by.  It was a wild rollercoaster that left me wanting more.

The books in these series get stronger and stronger as they evolve.  This book was hauntingly, achingly beautiful.  Amy’s writing and character development are effortless and outstanding.  I believe this could be read alone. However, I advise starting with the Fallen Ladies series and proceed to this book.  Some recurring characters and plotlines enrich each story.  I was excited to read this book, and it exceeded all my expectations!

I received this ARC through the author.  This is my honest, voluntary opinion.

This is the second book in the Peril & Persuasion series.  However, there is also a novella; The Secrets He Keeps, that belongs in this series.  I advise reading the novella after the first book, Her Noble Scoundrel.  They all interconnect with the Fallen Ladies series to build a deliciously enticing world.  Amy is on my list of must-read authors.  I know I will never be disappointed in one of her books.

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