Highland Hero by Cynthia Breeding


This is a heart-warming adventurous ride that brings a couple who start as enemies to a loving, healing happily-ever-after.  The slow-burn, steady pace kept it interesting.  Juliana and her family are at the MacGregor’s to celebrate her sister’s wedding to the eldest MacGregor and Rory’s brother.  Juliana’s sister’s story is told in the first book of this series.  Another clan kidnaps Juliana; Rory, their best tracker is sent to rescue her.  Juliana is a survivor of rape.  There is a trigger warning concerning this at the beginning of the novel, which was appreciated.

Juliana is a rape survivor that is haunted by the trauma.  She is sharp-tongued and skittish to all males, vowing never to marry.  Although wary of the opposite sex, she slowly learns she can trust Rory.  That trust and respect slowly build into deeper emotions.  I loved Juliana’s inner strength and resourcefulness.  She steps up when situations are dire when Rory is either incapable of assisting or is incapacitated.  I enjoyed everything about Rory.  His character stood out.  He is an excellent match to Juliana.  He can verbally spar as well as Juliana.  He is the ultimate highlander.  Although possessing charm and strength, he is so gentle and understanding with Juliana.  Rory’s personality and actions shone throughout the book.

This is an enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn novel.  I categorize this as slow-burn, referring to the dynamic between the couple.  Their feelings slowly develop throughout the storyline.  This felt realistic due to their situation and Juliana’s past.  What wasn’t slow-burn is the adventure the couple is on throughout the entirety of the book.   Their journey home from Juliana’s escape from the rival clan is the center of the entire plot.  The couple faces every obstacle that could occur.  It was how they handled the troubles that made them unstoppable as a unit.  Their relationship builds and builds to a fiery revelation.  Through Rory’s thoughts and actions, Juliana discovers passion, belonging, and eventually love.

I loved the journey of this novel.  This is a sweet, adventurous treasure of a book!  I cannot wait until the other stories which will feature the other sisters and brothers.  The ending gave me a feeling of contentment and completion.  The epilogue introduces the reader to the next installment in the series.  I love a sexy, strong highlander, and Rory didn’t disappoint.  I also love an independent, strong female lead, and Juliana was the epitome.  At times heart-wrenching, ultimately, it is a love story of discovery and healing.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book via Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Highland Hero is the second novel in the Children Of The Mist series.  This saga follows the highland bothers of the MacGregor clan and the Caldwell sisters that claim their hearts.  I was a little concerned at the beginning as the entirety of the book is the dialogue and discovery of the couple, the action coming in second.  However, my worries were dispelled.  The strength of the dynamic of the couple carried the story.  The locations the couple travels to and through were a perfect backdrop to the couple’s burgeoning relationship.  The characters were strong and stood out. Their love story is adventurous and sweet.  A delightful read!

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