To Tempt A Scandalous Lord by Liana De La Rosa


The first thing I look for in a book is something in the plot that makes the book have that added spark.  This romance, surrounded by political intrigue, is unique and memorable.  The political history in the novel gave it credibility.  The lush love story exceeded my expectations and captivated me!

Niall and Alicia’s unconventional relationship is the centerpiece of the story.  The couple enjoys verbally sparring with one another.  When Alicia is accidentally compromised at a ball, the couple is forced to marry.  It is then when things start to get interesting.  The couple navigated a plethora of emotions, including being frigid to being friendly to falling in love.  Although practically strangers, their mutual attraction is undeniable.  Their relationship builds at a reasonable pace, going through stages rather than jumping instantly to being in love.  There is a lot of dishonesty and betrayal.  However, this adds to the story rather than detract.  I feel the author does an excellent job conveying both of the couple’s points of view evenly.  Niall and Alicia made a lovely, passionate couple.  I enjoyed reading everything about them.

Alicia has been delegated to a decorative accessory, discarded when not useful.  She has used her widowhood to gain independence and a voice.  She has a secret that could destroy her relationship with Niall before it begins.  Alicia has a firm backbone.  She lets nothing detract her from enlightening others on social injustices.  I admire Alicia because she demands action rather than empty words.  Alicia is vulnerable and can be destructive; this made her all the more realistic.

Niall seems like a stuffy politician when we first meet him.  His career consumes him.  He sees nothing but his lofty goals until Alicia crosses his path.  Although ambitious, Niall is passionate about his proposals in government.  He has fought to overcome the prejudice of being a Scot.  Although single-minded, Niall has admirable aspirations and can also, like Alicia, be vulnerable and self-destructive.

I adored this plot!  I have never read a political, historical romance before.  The issues discussed and the machinations of the government were fascinating.  At the end of the book, the author explains the political atmosphere during this period.  This was interesting and gave more closure to the book.  The plot moved well, and the connection between the characters was spot-on.

This book was a gamble for me.  I went back and forth on whether to read it.  I am so delighted I did!  The novel was an all-encompassing love story surrounded by political intrigue.  I was mesmerized from the very start!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

To Tempt A Scandalous Lord is the fourth book in the Once Upon A Scandal series.  The book focuses on a man with lofty political goals and a woman desperate to have her views heard.  They make an unlikely couple, but together they create a passionate love that burns bright.  I cannot recommend this book too much.  Liana De la Rosa is a new author to me; I am so ecstatic I found her!

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