The Rogue And The Jewel by Sasha Cottman


I have stated before how much I enjoy this series.  A defining point is how each novel is different.  Each plot is unique and fascinating.  The Rogue And The Jewel takes you on a wild journey around smugglers in France.  This book was as enchanting as the previous installments.  I was mesmerized from page one!

Augustus “Gus” Jones is the smuggler in the lovable, nefarious group of rogues.  Evangeline and her uncle are his partners in France.  Gus and Evangeline have been friends for years, however dire circumstances and forced proximity cause their friendship to evolve into something more passionate and precious.  For a short book, both Gus and Evangeline are well developed.  Gus has recently had an experience that forces him to confront his mortality.  I loved Gus’s personality; he is resourceful and cautious yet still lives on the edge of danger.  His respectful treatment of Evangeline is sweet.  Evangeline is not a tamed debutante.  She is an intelligent, crafty, passionate woman with quite a temper.  She is impulsive, which lands her in constant and considerable trouble.  Gus is tender and protective of Evangeline.  Evangeline is intelligent and savvy.  The couple’s connection is instant and powerful.  The passion and romance develop naturally.  This couple might be my favorite in the entire series.

The plot was riveting, and I was entranced.  I read this novel quickly, yet I did not want it to end.  The story spanned many locations and a spectrum of emotions that delivered an energetic, romantic, adventurous read.  Although a love story at its heart, there was plenty of action and adventure.  I enjoy the concept of all the stories in the series.  This installment raised the bar; it was excellent!  I was deeply impressed and delightfully entertained by this book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Rogue And The Jewel is the fourth book in The Rogues Of The Road series.  The order of the series is Rogue For Hire, Stolen By The Rogue, When A Rogue Falls, The Rogue And The Jewel, and King Of Rogues.  I took the time to state the order because a couple of the installments are in collections, and the order can be a little confusing.  The rouges are a group of five friends with illegal business dealings who fall, one by one, for a strong, independent woman who completes them and changes their wayward pursuits…well, most of their wayward pursuits!  The shady business dealing is part of the rogue’s charms.  I read the first novella, Rogue For Hire, in a Christmas collection last December.  I instantly fell in love with Harry and Alice.  Each couple has individual appeal, each as different as night and day.  I enjoy the various storylines and locations of each book.  This keeps my interest.  The novels have captivated me. A fantastic series of scoundrels with hearts of gold!

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