Hello, Rogue by Various Authors


This was a fantastic anthology!  It took the theme of rakes and surprise babies to all different kinds of places!  Although each story had these themes, they were all unique and heart-warming.  The plots were captivating, the characters were lovable, and the endings were joyful.


When A Rogue Falls by Sasha Cottman

Stephen and Bridget’s story was captivating.  I immensely enjoy the Rouges Of The Road series, each book delivering a powerful love story.  This novella is part of this series.  The rouges are friends involved in nefarious jobs who, one by one, fall for strong, alluring ladies.  Stephen has no clue what love is or how to receive and reciprocate it.  He goes from having no one to care for to a multitude of dependents all needing his attention.  I like how Stephen develops throughout the novel.  He slowly learns that he is deserving of love, and then, eventually, he is capable of showing love.  I loved his back-handed business deals.  He was a criminal, but a lovable one!  Bridget falls for Stephen almost instantly.  However, she is firm in her requirements for Stephen.  She is unbendable when it comes to what she wants out of a relationship; her tough love and quiet strength endeared me.  The plot was so much fun!  I enjoyed it immensely.  The story flew by; it kept my interest.  I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  This is another great love story to add to the series!  An absolute joy to read!


Escaping The Earl by Lauren Smith

Sabrina Talleyrand seeks ruination to avoid an arranged marriage to a horrible man.  Peregrine Ashby, Earl of Rutland, is just the man for the job.  The couple meets at a masquerade, and Sabrina is compromised.  The couple doesn’t know the identity of each other.  Through chance and fate, they keep encountering each other.  When consequences occur, it is up to Peregrine to heal Sabrina’s heart.  Sabrina has a rocky road. However, providence places people and situations in her journey that saves her life.  She is spunky and fearless.  I love that about Sabrina.  Peregrine is beginning to learn his role in society and is unsure of himself, and doesn’t trust his heart.  The couple had a good connection and the characters, including secondary ones, were well written. This was a wild ride to unconditional love and a happily ever after!


This Rogue Of Mine by Amanda Mariel

After an unplanned tryst in the library, Cordelia Daventry finds herself in a delicate condition.  She wants nothing to do with the father, Nathaniel Lowell, Viscount Wolverton.  Nathaniel is a rake, and Cordelia will not trust her heart or her future with him.  I was not too fond of Cordelia at times, she was very self-centered, but it came from her wanting to protect her heart.  Nathaniel knows his past is colorful, but he truly wants to do the right thing.  I feel for his character, especially his shock and anger toward Cordelia’s plans.  Although tenuous at best, they forge ahead with their future.  I love the basis of the plot; it was fresh and romantic.  The characters had strong personalities, and I genuinely cared for them.  A gem of a story!


Loving My Wicked Rogue by Dawn Brower

Mathew, Duke of Lindsey, compromises Lady Francesca at a house party and disappears.  Mathew is the worse kind of Rake, taking what he wants with no care to the repercussions or the feelings of his conquests.  This is ultimately a story of redemption for Mathew.  He finds love and belonging with Francesca.  After discovering the consequences of her affair with Mathew, she is determined to do the right thing.  To be so young, she is resourceful and responsible.  At first, I was furious with Mathew. However, his character matures into a man worthy of Francesca’s love.  This book was a delight to read; it was fresh and romantic.  It was a little different because the rake is disliked at the start.  Mathew’s redemption is heartwarming.  This was a romantic, fun read.


The Trouble With Rogues by Nadine Millard

Caleb Feldman, the Marquess of Guilford, is tired of his hedonistic ways.  When Ophelia Delacourt falls into his orbit, he is ready to change his practices for this nameless angel.  Unfortunately, fate has other plans, and Ophelia finds herself in a condition she swore to herself would never happen.  Caleb’s transformation from a heartless, soulless rake to a respectable, enamored gentleman is inspiring.  I instantly fell in love with Caleb’s world-weary character.  Ophelia’s sadness to her undeserving lot in life was heart-wrenching.  She never expected any happiness for herself.  Together these two break down their preconceptions and fall helplessly in love.  It was such a tender, sweet love story!  A very romantic, passionate, enjoyable read.


My Lord, My Rogue by Anna St. Claire

Honora Radcliff escapes an abusive marriage in a drastic decision.  Lord Benjamin Crewe discovers Honora and her secret.   Benjamin and Honora have always been fascinated with each other.   With dangerous circumstances all around them,  they begin to develop the makings of passionate love.  Honora and Benjamin were such lovable characters.   Their burgeoning love was sweet and heart-warming.  The plot was imaginative and romantic.  The story raced.  This was a second chance love story.  Benjamin is a hopeless, delightful romantic, realizing he has this opportunity with Honora.  Honora is shy and cautious, not trusting her instincts due to her past choices.   When the couple learns to trust their heart, beautiful, resilient love is created.  This was a lovely, sweet, fun afternoon read.

All of these stories were a joy to read, and each deserves five stars.  I loved each different angle the authors took, varying on the constant themes that flowed throughout.  Each story had a little bit of heartache, but each led to a gorgeous happily ever after.  The books were written with love and finesse.  They were all short, satisfying journeys that could easily be read in an afternoon.  Each author in this anthology outdid themselves.  I cannot convey how much I adored these sexy, savvy, passionate stories.  I would recommend these books!  These are great when looking for a break from all the three hundred-page novels we read!  This collection of short stories are bound to make you smile!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book via one of its authors.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I reviewed this ARC for Anna St. Claire. However, I also included Sasha Cottman because I review ARCs for her as well.  Among the other four authors, I have read a short story by Amanda Mariel.   I have not read Dawn Brower or Nadine Millard.   Each of these brilliant stories brings desire,  longing, and the need for happiness.  Many of these characters (usually the rakes) are damaged and jaded in some way.  The ladies give them that chance of hope and redemption.  I love the surprise baby theme!  It is one of my favorites (you know by now my all-time favorite theme is gaming den owners).  Each one of the novellas deserves and earned the five stars I gave them.  I encourage you to read these; who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!

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