The Devil and The Heiress by Harper St. George


I adored Christian and Violet’s story!  This was a fast-paced, passionate, and extravagant wild ride of a novel!  The dynamic connection between the couple was off the charts sizzling.  The journey complete with lust and deception resonates with the reader.

Christian Halston, the Earl of Leigh, is an impoverished nobleman searching for a wealthy heiress to fill his coffers with her dowry.  At first sight, Violet catches his eye and he becomes obsessed with her.  Yet his suit for her is dismissed by a greedy father.  Christian seeks more nefarious means to pursue.  He wants Violet.  Violet’s passion is writing.  She is getting inundated with pressure to wed the suitor her father has picked to be her husband.  All Violet wants is the ability to write and be free from a dominating male.  Violet falls under Christian’s spell, but is he the man he claims to be?  The physical connection between the couple had an ebb and flow.  Their relationship is complicated and multi-faceted.  The romantic element wasn’t formulaic or standard.  It had a flare and was unpredictable.  Their relationship kept the reader guessing as to where it would lead next.  The couple’s emotions were messy and confusing; this made their confrontations resonate as organic and believable.  The couple’s issues were not easily reconciled, and it took the majority of the book to work through them.  Christian and Violet had to learn to trust each other even when there was no reason to trust.  The leap of faith the couple takes was breathtaking. Their happily ever after was hard-fought yet beautiful in its resolution.

The plot had so much happening; I felt I was on a rollercoaster in the best possible way.  The fast pace grabbed me and was relentless.  The action was mixed with the emotional to create a well-rounded story.  I cared deeply about these characters; they were vibrant.  The storyline was fresh and imaginative.  The secondary characters were well-rounded and contributed to the story.

I had a high expectation for this novel, as I didn’t think anything could overshadow the first book, which I gave five stars.  I was wrong.  I enjoyed this novel more than the brilliant first one.  The sisters in these two books have a brother, and I can only hope he gets his book, as I do not want this saga to end!  Christian and Violet’s love story outshines the usual stories of this time period.  The story was a unique, fascinating, romantic read.  I advise reading the first book in the series before this one to get a more well-rounded experience, yet it is not necessary as the book stands well on its own.  This adventure is a romantically turbulent ride to all-consuming love.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fellow readers, this was an excellent read!  The Devil And The Heiress is book two of the Gilded Age Heiresses.  The first book is titled The Heiress Gets A Duke.  I reviewed that book earlier in the year.  Both novels are breathtaking.  I loved the background of London in the 1870s.  I also enjoyed that a large section of the book focuses on a road away from London.  I adore a story with American Heiresses; they are always fiercely independent and progressive.  It was interesting that the male lead was the protagonist and one of the antagonists.  I am delighted that I stumbled onto these books and author through a suggestion from a member of one of the Facebook groups I belong.  I do not regret one moment it took to devour this novel!  Read these fantastic books; you won’t be disappointed!

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