Never Mix Sin With Pleasure by Renee Ann Miller


This novel was an exciting, romantic, adventurous escapade!  The writing was beautifully executed.  The plot was multifaceted and innovative.  I was delighted as I read the turbulent love story of Anthony and Olivia unfold.

This ultimately was a story about forbidden love, revenge, and self-discovery.  Anthony and Olivia are from two different worlds, he was born into privilege, and she was an orphan.  Through a twist of fate, they meet, and they start working together.  Both hold self-destructive secrets.  One is covering up what is perceived as mental weakness, and one is hiding a dark secret that could prove disastrous.  I believe dyslexia is portrayed well in this novel—the plot deals with preconceived prejudices attached to learning challenges in this era where differences were not tolerated.  Anthony was so much more than a rake.  With Olivia’s help, he discovers talents he did not know he possessed.  I enjoyed Anthony’s journey into the man he could be rather than what society portrays.  Olivia was a complex, haunted character.  Driven by the past, it nearly destroys her chance at a happy future.  I admired her determination and grit. The couple’s romance is built throughout the entirety of the story.  Their attraction started slowly but evolved into a fiery passion.

The plot was well-paced and exhilarating.  Several different plot points merged perfectly at the end.  My one critique had to do with the ending.  The conclusion was a little rushed.  I wished the ending was better developed, giving a clearer insight into the resolution and future of the couple.  Also, a secondary character’s reaction to the couple’s future is not addressed.  It left me curious.  However brief, it was a very satisfying happily ever after.

This author has created a delightful, intriguing romance.  It was bursting with content yet held its own.  I enjoyed the many layers and emotions the book conveyed.  The couple’s love story was endearing and electric.  I enjoyed this romantic adventure.  A can’t miss read!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Never Mix Sin With Pleasure is the fifth book in the Infamous Lords series by Renee Ann Miller.  This author created an intricate, delicate, and fresh story.  I loved the action and adventure intertwined with the love and passion.  Although abrupt, I was very satisfied with the ending.  The epilogue could have been extended.  All in all, it was an entertaining story!

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