The Angel Of An Astronomer by Linda Rae Sande


Linda has the uncanny ability to create an epic love story that is still organic and flows seamlessly.  Her world-building and character development are mind-blowing!  Each of her carefully crafted dual love stories embody passion and connection.

This story centers on a pair of twins, George, Viscount Hexham, and Lady Angelica.  Both siblings fall fast and hard in love with their prospective love matches.  Lady Anne is a friend of Angelica, and she and George fall in love at their first meeting.  Sir Benjamin is an astronomer that just moved into the house by Angelica.  The two meet under the stars and fall hopelessly in love.

The four main characters were brilliant.  I enjoyed the male leads because neither was a rake.  They were responsible, educated, kind, and respectful gentlemen.  This was a refreshing change for all the rogues I usually read.  Although similar in temperament, there is quite the difference in the two gentlemen’s station and age.  Anne is very young and idealistic. George is her perfect match.  Their connection is immediate and oh so sweet!  I enjoyed reading about their romantic journey.  Angelica is slightly older, and both she and Benjamin are a little jaded and shy.  I related to this couple more.  It is fascinating to watch their relationship evolve.

Reading about how each couple finds each other was a delight.  The development of both plot and characters combined with the rich worlds the author has created makes for an epic, entertaining read!  I always know I am in for a special treat when I open a book in one of the Aristocracy series.  A devilishly good page-turner!

The Angel Of An Astronomer is the first book in the Heirs of the Aristocracy series.  Linda has created a complete, complex world of intertwining stories and characters.  She has written nine different Aristocracy series.  I have read them out of order, and I haven’t gotten to go back to the beginning, but I desperately want to!  I would start with The Kiss Of A Viscount, book one of the Daughters Of The Aristocracy series.  I love these books so much I have recommended them to my mother.  These are beautiful stories that make me smile!  

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