An Extraordinary Lord by Anna Harrington


Merritt Rivers is a returning soldier that has returned to London as a solicitor.  At night he patrols the underworld.  Veronica Chase maneuvers between the aristocracy and the rookeries, not belonging anywhere.  Together they form an uneasy alliance and a fiery attraction.  The connection between the charismatic couple is earth-shattering.  Their attraction burns as bright as their mistrust.

The plot married the action, romance, and passion perfectly.  Both Merritt and Veronica were tragic, haunted characters driven by ghosts and revenge that almost ruins them.  The dialogue was smoldering, sexy, and sizzling!  The dynamic between the couple was mesmerizing.  The plot went at a lightning pace and kept my rapt attention.  From street fighting, riots, and ballrooms, this swoon-worthy story had it all.

Anna Harrington has the brilliant ability to write organic, original characters that sparkle and shine!  Veronica is a strong sensual woman that is more than a match to any man when it comes to a battle of wills or fighting.  Merritt is flawed and damaged yet vulnerable to Veronica at the same time.  I loved everything about the plot, sometimes so much was packed into a chapter, I had a hard time keeping up.  The secondary characters and locations helped bring this lush novel to life.  It was an exciting, heartbreaking, joyous journey.  There are no critiques to a beautifully written romance.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

An Extraordinary Lord is book three in the Lords Of The Armory series.  The first two books are An Inconvenient Duke and An Unexpected Earl.  Although it can be read alone, I recommend reading them all to appreciate the series entirely.  This series is about a group of former soldiers finding their way through London peerage.  All these men are more than meet the eye, and their heroines are feisty and cantankerous.  I enjoyed the writing style and the pace of the story.  An excellent series and a fantastic author!

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