Dangerous Lover by Mary Lancaster


Mystery and romance combine to deliver a brilliant, intelligent, passionate story.  There is no doubt that this book is the author’s most exemplary.  I was intrigued from page one.  The romance combined with the mystery created a rich world which captivated me.

Sir Nicholas Swan hires a new governess, Alexandra Battle, to teach his illegitimate daughter, Evelina.  The connection between the couple came from a place of genuine respect and burgeoning love.  The passion was elemental.  The couple complimented each other perfectly.  The main characters were lovingly written with care and precision.  I fell in love with Evelina from her first scene.  Returning characters from previous books brought a rich world-building feel.  The couple’s love for one another ignited the page.  

This book was as much a mystery as it was a romance.  However, the two different themes complimented each other.  I was drawn into the drama and complexity of the plot.  The story kept my attention and was a page-turner.  The romance and mystery were combined effortlessly.  I was guessing the resolution of the puzzle up until the very end.  Sparks flew between the couple at their first meeting and grew in intensity from there.

I enjoyed the other books in this series. However, this one is by far the best.  This story proved that two people who are both generous and flawed could find happiness.  I wished that there had been an epilogue; these books do not have them.  The book ended to my delighted satisfaction.  I do not read many mysteries, but these books caught my attention.  The journey is fraught with peril, yet the wild ride is very entertaining.  This story is a journey well worth taking.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dangerous Lover is book three in the Crime & Punishment series.   I gave its predecessor four stars; it was excellent; however, this installment far exceeded my expectations.  Although paced with action, mystery, and romance, there was enough continuity to make it a book worthy of reading.  I encourage reading this entire series.  I discovered excellent books and a new author.

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