A Bit Of Rough by Jackie Barbosa


Lucas and Honora’s love story resonated with me on many levels.  Their story was epic and electric.  The strength and background of the characters are not something read every day.  Finally, the intertwining of political issues of the day within the story was smart and savvy.

Lucas and Honora could not be any different.  Luca’s family fled Mexico to England due to political strife.  Although a brilliant writer, he was suppressed unjustly due to his heritage and radical views.  He has no connections and no means to earn a decent living.  Honora is a spinster whose passion is also writing about society’s deficiency.  Both encourage sweeping reforms of laws and champion the plight of the working class and women.  Lucas and Honora are both intelligent and fearless.  The couple are misfits and are regarded as insignificant in the eyes of the law.  

Lucas and Honora’s political passions are only surpassed by the instantaneous connection they feel for each other.  Their deep emotions for each other are almost immediate, even if they do not realize it.  Their passion and raw attraction feel elemental.  Lucas fears Honora is out of his reach.  Honora is restricted by the confines of her gender and class.  However, only when they are together do they feel whole.  The couple’s journey is turbulent and dangerous, yet they know they are destined for each other.  

The plot focuses on the inequities of the common man, women, and all those deemed insignificant and immoral to the aristocratic ruling class.  These people are at the mercy of the titled male’s whimsy and narrow-minded rules.  It was a travesty how the citizens were treated and abused.  The plot educates the reader as much as it entertains.  This book moved fast, and I couldn’t put it down.  The couple’s star-crossed journey is heartbreaking at times.  However, the power of the depth of their love perseveres. This couple had a difficult journey to their happy ending, yet it was worth every moment reading to get there.  The novel was a quick read; I finished it in one sitting.  The plot was engaging and the characters vivid.  All in all, the book was excellent.  I was delighted to read it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Bit Of Rough is book one in the House Of Uncommons series.  This book was unique and caught my attention.  Lucas was not your typical aristocrat; he was a hard-working revolutionary.  Honora was trying to break free of the chains of society.  Together they made an unstoppable force.  The author took the time to enlighten the reader about the actual history behind the book after the epilogue.  I eagerly look forward to the next book in the series.  

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