Pleasures Of The Night by Heather Boyd


Thaddeus and Eugenia have a tumultuous love affair.  That is until an unexpected complication shows up on Eugenia’s doorstep that threatens to ruin everything she and Thaddeus have.  There were several elements to this book that I would have preferred to be handled differently.  Thaddeus and Eugenia embark on a tryst that is purely physical.  I enjoy an emotional connection with the physical aspect.  It makes me more invested in the couple.  The romantic connection does not occur until deeply into the novel.  It wasn’t easy to keep up with the many secondary characters.  At times it became overwhelming.  Too many characters congested the plot.  I like a complete, satisfying happy ending.  The ending of the book left me underwhelmed.  However, the epilogue helped bring a full sense of closure.  I would have enjoyed a little more information regarding the couple’s future.

On the other side, the couple’s physical connection built gradually, and the relationship was undeniable.  Both Thaddeus and Eugenia were well-developed characters.  Both came from a genuine place.  I could tell that a lot of time and care went into the creation of these characters.  Although slow at the beginning, the plot gained momentum and energy halfway through.  At this point, the story became much more engaging.  I was invested in the characters and outcome. The plot was well thought out and intricate.  The couple’s journey was fascinating and flowed well.  The author brought a different take on the typical romance.  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pleasures Of The Night is the sixteenth book in the Distinguished  Rogues series.  Much of this review was based on personal preference.  The plot was well written.  I wished the romance was more at the forefront.  I like a deep emotional connection which I did not feel with the couple until close to the conclusion.  The couples’ future was left open-ended to be extended into upcoming books.  This seems to be a trend in the author’s writing as the couple from the previous book was still working out issues.  The book was well written.  My expectations were not entirely satisfied.  Overall a good book; I couldn’t get excited about it.

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