A Friend At The Highland Court by Celeste Barclay


The charismatic characters and sensual, captivating plot make this an outstanding book in an excellent series.  The writing brings medieval Scotland to life in an exciting, adventurous, sexy way!  Alex and Caitlyn’s love story is one I could read all day!

Alexander Armstrong is the heir to the clan Armstrong lairdship.  Catastrophic injures from a battle changes Alex’s life forever.  Alex is angry and despondent.  He is sent to court, where the woman he has loved since childhood resides.  Lady Caitlyn Kennedy encounters an entirely different man she hardly recognizes.  I was on the edge of my seat, reading to see if Caitlyn’s love was enough to heal Alex.

Alex was a complex, rich character.  My heart broke for his loss of physical strength and self-worth.  I admired the hidden depth and raw physicality that overflowed his character.  Caitlyn’s inner strength and belief in Alex was the only chance Alex has to heal.  She was formidable yet had such a sweet spirit.  

The couple’s unbreakable bond was tested in every way possible.  It was exciting to watch their connection continually build in strength and desire throughout the entirety of the novel.  The couple’s physical connection continued to build at a fever pitch throughout.  Both characters were written with love and care.  The couple’s journey was tender and emotional; however, the adventurous plot gave an all-encompassing, epic feel.

This plot was one of the strongest in this fantastic series.  It encompassed the journey’s themes of passion and unrelenting action with a healing, joyful resolution.  The story was intricately written and flowed from scene to scene with an effortless quality.  A Friend At The Highland Court is the thirteenth book in The Highland Ladies series.  These books keep building on each other in the excellence of the storytelling in a beautiful series of love stories.  This book delivers an adventurous, tumultuous tale of loss and the healing power of love.  I couldn’t put this amazing book down!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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