Cocky Marquess by Annabelle Anders


I am always entertained and delighted when I read a new Regency Cocky Gents book.  The rich world of these childhood friends transports the reader to a place of romance and passion.  As with the other gentlemen, Greys and Diana’s story does not disappoint!  Cocky Marquess exceeds the high standards demanded by these beautiful books.

The Marquess of Greystone has his life planned out perfectly.  Marriage to a beautiful aristocrat’s daughter with an impeccable pedigree.  Someone who can fulfill her duties as a marchioness without love.  Love only leads to pain and anguish.  He even has his eyes set on the perfect candidate, Lady Isabella.  Diana is the illegitimate sister to Grey’s best friend, Chase.  Chase decides to launch Diana into society and ask Grey’s assistance to smooth the way by taking an interest in Diana.  Diana convinces Greys to play along in this ruse to help her land a husband.  What they do not expect is to have this fake courtship turn into something genuine.

Grey’s attitude toward love and marriage is based on the prejudices of his parent’s relationship.  Likewise, Diana’s attitude toward finding love within the aristocracy has been colored by the relationship between her parents.  I liked that Greys wasn’t a rake; he was responsible and level-headed in most respects.  Unfortunately, he was trying desperately to please his ancestors and create a perfect dynasty.  His disillusionment towards his feelings for Diana was raw and elemental.  Diana has fought for acceptance her entire life due to the circumstances of her birth.  She doesn’t trust the aristocracy; she sees them as shallow and insensitive.  Diana is fragile yet has a steel will.  She knows her mind and forges her path.

The fierce connection of the couple was instantaneous.  The sparks flew in their first scene together.  The building of the relationship from interest to lust to love was spot-on.  The passion was breathtaking.   I read this book straight through.  It was an easy, joyful read.  The plot tackled the themes of letting your pre-conceived expectations involving relationships go and embracing the unknown of a future with love.  As with all these books, the characters’ personalities jumped off the page.  This couple’s journey added to the rich world-building of the series.  The characters from the previous books enriched the story; it is like visiting with old friends.

Cocky Marquess is book sixth in the Regency Cocky Gents series.  From book one, the stories grab the reader’s attention and initiate a beautifully vivid world of friendships and passion.  This is a series where I look forward to each new book.  I impatiently await the next book.  Excellent writing, boisterous characters, and sensual, intelligent plots create a world I did not want to leave!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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