A Price To Be Paid by Darcy Armstrong


This novel transports us to the fifteenth-century Scottish highlands.  It is a story of second chances and redemption.  Everyone in the realm feared Mathe MacBrennan.  He was the vicious right hand to the cruel Laird.  Mathe made lifelong enemies and sowed hatred for himself and his family.  Then, he disappears.  Lilidh is Mathe’s wife and now has to pick up the pieces of her and her son’s meager existence and learn to survive barely.  Lilidh endures the malevolence and fear of the townspeople.  These people transfer their hatred of Mathe to Lilidh and her son, Fynn.  Six years later, Mathe shows up on Lilidh’s doorstep.  He finds Lilidh living in squalor with a son he didn’t know existed.  Lilidh and Fynn are barely surviving, and Mathe is determined to make amends to his wife and son.  His only goal is to become a better man and close the door to his violent past.

The female protagonist, Lilidh is an outstanding character.  She is fearless, fierce, and independent.  I enjoy a strong, resourceful woman, and Lilidh is the epitome.  I was captivated by her willingness to do whatever it took to care for her son.  Lilidh was a fascinating character.  I fell in love with her determination and spirit.  Mathe had been hone into a terrible monster of a man.  He disappeared and suffered tremendously.  He returns with only the thought of redeeming himself to his family.  Mathe’s character is a study into the age-old question; can people fundamentally change?  Also, there is the question of whether all transgressions can be forgiven.  Mathe is conflicted and complex.  Both main characters were vibrant and shone brightly.

The couple complimented each other through all the anguish and pain.  Their connection forged in love could bend but not break.  Their attraction and passion were visceral and elemental.  The son, Fynn, was a lovely character.  Fynn stole every scene.  The love that was built from within the little family was heartwarming.

The plot tackled difficult, complex concepts, including what is worthy of forgiveness, can people transform themselves, and it is the right choice to give a second chance to someone who proves untrustworthy.  The fierceness of Lilidh in protecting Fynn was the cornerstone of the book.  Mathe’s journey to becoming the good man worthy of LIlidh and Fynn was frought with peril and love.  The plot delivered at a steady pace and the connection between Mathe and Lilidh captured my attention and didn’t let go.  The storyline was haunting and tragic at times and filled with promise and warmth at other times.

The complex nature of the themes in this story was fascinating to read.  I felt that through everything the couple went through, they learned that compassion and forgiveness were the only permanent foundations to lasting, all-encompassing love.  This second-chance romance about redemption organically created a rich world filled with passion and danger.  The story was compelling, and I was fascinated throughout.  The author has an uncanny ability to write difficult situations in a believable, authentic light.

A Price To Be Paid is the second book in the Legacy Of The Laird series.  The author takes the reader on an emotional adventure.  The feel and texture of the romance are spot-on.  The story captures the essence of raw emotions and passion.  The details and backdrops were breathtaking.  The author wrote the novel with love and care.  The book is a fascinating, turbulent journey to happiness.  Reading this story was a delight; it was an effortlessly written, beautiful love story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Book Sirens.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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