A Heart To Be Tamed by Darcy Armstrong


The one element that is consistent in all the Legacy Of The Laird series is how vibrantly medieval Scotland is brought to life.  The lush backgrounds, strong characters, and in-depth plots create a world of danger, intrigue, and love.  I love how this series, this book, in particular, gives the reader an immersive experience through a Scotland that is long gone.

Lady Isobel MacKay is running away from violence and an unwanted courtship.  Laird Robert McPhee is ruling over lands that are bankrupt.  He is on the precipice of ruin for himself and all those under his protection.  During a chance meeting between the couple, sparks fly.  There is a quick, visceral pull between the couple.  Isobel’s character is captivating.  She is nothing like a lady during this age.  She is fiercely independent, has a terrible temper, and would instead be in pants than a dress.  She was battling a society full of entitled men.  Many injustices occur, but Isobel still fights.  I love her spunk.  Robert is a caring and thoughtful man.  He cares about his people and is heartbroken about the condition of his legacy.  Robert’s character was the most organic in the entire series.  He is relatable and respectable.

The first meeting of the couple goes from attraction and quickly builds into love throughout the book.  The physical connection is all-consuming.  The couple’s passion is tangible through the pages.  I loved the burgeoning romance between Robert and Isobel. They were a perfect match, opposite in temperament, yet complementing one another perfectly.

Deception and misdirection are significant themes.  The characters hide their true selves frequently.  I found myself questioning some phrases; they were sentences I would use now and didn’t seem plausible in fifteenth-century Scotland.  The plot was intricate and captured the reader’s attention.  This book moved at a rapid pace.  The story kept my attention through the entirety.  The forests and castles created the perfect backdrop.  This book is the third in the Legacy Of The Lairds series.  These books are all intense reads; there is a romance with just enough angst and passion thrown in, creating an unforgettable story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Book Sirens.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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