Lady Brazen by Scarlett Scott


As much as I regret that this fantastic series is at its finale, I cannot deny that it ends on a high note.  Lady Brazen stole my breath.  This tale of two lovers tragically torn apart by deceit and then suddenly forced together by fate.  The depth of emotion is stunning, and I believe this is the best book in the series. 

Roland, the Duke of Northwich, was heartbroken when he was jilted for a scoundrel.  Lady Pippa Shaw is disillusioned when she discovers the cold fact that the man she thought she loved was a despicable monster.  The couple must put aside their pain and put their fragile trust in each other.  Roland is a good, decent man with a broken heart.  His Native American heritage is insightful and gives his character depth.  Roland’s pain resonates with the reader.  Pippa is stripped of all her beliefs and is left wounded.  The pain between the two is heart-wrenching, yet their growing love is palpable.  The couple’s physical and emotional connection is phenomenal.  Their passion is off the charts yet tender at the same time.  I felt their heartbreak and reluctance to trust again.  This made the ending even more enjoyable.

The anguish and emotional depth of the plot resonated with me.  Although hauntingly tragic, the plot weaves a hopeful thread throughout the novel.  Just enough angst was coupled with eventual unbridled joy.  The story grabbed my attention and built at a slow burn pace yet urgent at the same time.  This was a character-driven plot that shone brightly.  The story is rich with history, and it gave an organic feel to the writing.  

Lady Brazen is the sixth and final book in the Notorious Ladies Of London series.  The entire series was breathtaking, this book in particular.  Tragedy and passion mix to create an ethereal, romantic love story.  I was enamored by this original and sensual story of redemption and happiness.  This book was a grand conclusion.  I would recommend this series wholeheartedly.  Lady Brazen was an all-encompassing romance I never wanted to end.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book by the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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