Her Stern Husband Series by R R Vane Books One And Two

A Stern Lord For My Lady


This enemies to lover story catch the reader’s attention right away.  An arranged marriage was a brilliant, exciting way to start the story.  A Stern Lord For My Lady is a sexy, intelligent first novel.

Bertran Fitzrolf is a widower knight in the king’s court.  Alicia de Lancres is an arrogant, outspoken daughter of a wealthy landowner.  Alicia is above Bertran’s station and lets him know it when an arranged marriage is made.  Alicia discovers Bertran is not a biddable, docile male she can control.  After a humiliating public punishment, the couple must find a middle ground.

I liked that Bertran is stoic yet had a dominant, passionate interior.  I found Alicia intriguing, but there is a creative, sensual side to her.  Both characters are well developed, and their intimate, sexual scenes are steamy yet tender at the same time.

The plot moves at a good pace and digs deep into the character development.  I was iffy on the historical accuracy.  However, I reminded myself that this was a work of fiction.  As such, the plot kept the novel exciting and very passionate.   A Stern Lord For My Lady is the first book in Her Stern Husband series.  I felt this was a solid start to a new series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Blacksmith’s Woman


The Blacksmith’s Woman is a steamy, angsty, lovingly written story.  There is plenty of action, intrigue, and passion.  I thought I might not enjoy this installment as much as the first book, but I was wrong.  This novel stood on its own.

Beth flees from a sad, impoverished life.  Tom is a blacksmith whose dark past has hardened his heart.  The sparks fly after the two have a memorable first encounter.  The sensuality and passion between the couple were off the charts.  The sexual tension is high, and yet at the same time, the plot delivers an intelligent, enchanting read.  The story moved quickly and showed the more severe aspects smartly.  The secondary characters were strong and added dimension to the world-building.

The Blacksmith’s Woman is the second book in Her Stern Husband series.  The book is very different than the first, and the author delivers an entertaining read.  These are excellent entries into the world of medieval romance.  I think that there will be the third book in this series; I can’t wait to read it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Booksprout.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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