Release Tour – The Marquess Method by Kathleen Ayers

Hello fellow romance lovers! Today I am featuring The Marquess Method by Kathleen Ayers. The Marquess Method is the third book in The Beautiful Barringtons series. The Marquess Method debued on 7/22/21. This release tour features blurbs, an excerpt, my review, and information about the author. I hope you enjoy looking around. I think you will come to love the Beautiful Barringtons!

Lady Theodosia has long been infatuated with the Earl of Blythe so in an effort to secure his affections, she paints a scandalous miniature of herself. When her reckless behavior endangers her reputation, Theodosia knows she must retrieve the miniature. Unfortunately, the miniature is gone and the only thing she finds waiting for her in Blythe’s study is the disreputable Marquess of Haven. Fans of steamy historical romances will devour The Marquess Method by Kathleen Ayers, the next book in her Beautiful Barringtons Series.

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Lady Theodosia Barrington is practically begging to be ruined.

That’s the assumption of the Marquess of Haven after spying Theodosia at a house party given by the Duke of Granby. After his father left him little else but a title and a crumbling estate, Haven is in desperate need of an heiress. Not only is Theodosia rich as Croesus and beautiful, but she’s also a Barrington. Her brother is Leo Murphy, owner of Elysium and the man Haven holds responsible for ruining his father.

Theodosia is the solution to all of Haven’s problems.

Lady Theodosia has long been infatuated with the Earl of Blythe. In an effort to prove her affection and perhaps induce him to offer for her, Theodosia paints a scandalous self-portrait of herself for Blythe as a birthday gift. The small token of affection is incredibly improper. Her behavior reckless.

She regrets gifting the miniature to Blythe immediately. Desperate to save her reputation before it can be destroyed and escape humiliation, Theodosia makes another rash decision. Retrieve the miniature from Blythe’s study.

Except the miniature is gone. And the only thing waiting for her is the Marquess of Haven.

And her own ruination.

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It was becoming difficult for her to breathe with Haven and all his near-naked magnificence. Yes, she found Haven handsome. Appealing. But now, looking at the way the firelight played over the hard ridges of his body, Theo felt as if she was heating slowly from the inside out, her skin sensitive to the brush of every bubble in her bath. 

They stared at each other, a haze of desire winding over them both. Haven wrapped the curling strands of her hair around his wrist and pulled her close.

“Are you going to ravish me?” Theo whispered. 

“God, yes.” His lips fell on hers, urgent and hot. “I have such hunger for you, Theodosia.”


Copyright 2021 @Kathleen Ayers

My Review


Haven and Theodosia are one of those rare couples who can tear my heart out, then fill me with joy.  This book had everything; revenge, intrigue, and off-the-charts soul-searing passion.  The pull of these two was sensual and raw.  The characters were well defined and had tremendous personalities.  The plot was enthralling.  It was an intricate, lovingly written journey.

Ambrose, the Marquess of Haven, is destitute and desperate for a large dowry.  Lady Theodosia (Theo) Barrington is a be-speckled, free-spirited artist with an enormous fortune.  Theo is in love with another man.  Through a series of bad luck for Theo and providence for Haven, he sees his desires met, and Theo is sentenced to a fate that terrifies her.  

Yes, Haven is a fortune hunter, but behind that façade, he is much more.  His strong conscious surprised me; he held such depth.  I fell in love with Haven; he is my new book boyfriend!  Theo is adorable.  Her creativity, impulsiveness, and giving heart endeared her.  Although she views herself as an oddity, Haven’s strong feelings for Theo melted my heart!  The physical connection was off the charts.  Their attraction was primal and undeniable.

The Marquess Method is the third book in the Beautiful Barringtons series.  All three books are brilliantly and lovingly written with such care.  Kathleen weaves a romance in an organic way that resonates with the reader long after the book is put down.  Every sentence is written strategically, ensuring the audience is spellbound.  The plot is quick-witted, and I found myself laughing out loud; at other times, my heart ached for the couple.  This is a rich, vivid world with backdrops and a plot that steals the reader’s heart.  I cannot recommend this book enough!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About Kathleen Ayers

Kathleen Ayers is the bestselling author of Regency and Victorian romance with strong, witty damaged heroes who can’t help falling for intelligent, sassy heroines. An avid reader, Kathleen fell in love with historical romance as a teenager after picking up a copy of Sweet Savage Love. She reads everything, from romance to thrillers, Stephen King and fantasy. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book, Kathleen tries to garden (with mixed results), works on perfecting her charcuterie board skills and enjoys a good wine tasting.

A Texas transplant, Kathleen shares a backyard swimming pool with her husband, son and two very spoiled dogs. 

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