Tides Of Love by Tracy Sumner


Tides Of Love is a sensual journey of a small-town romance filled with passion and unrequited love.  The depth of emotion and tension seared the page.  Tracy weaves a unique, descriptive world of growing pains and the path that love takes.

Noah Garrett and Elle Beaumont grow up together on Pilot Isle, NC, in the 1890s.  Elle idolizes Noah as her savior and one true love.  She is impetuous, outspoken, and chaffs against authority.  Noah is methodical, reserved, and has his entire life planned.  When a dark secret is revealed regarding Noah’s family, Noah flees.  Noah leaves everything behind and becomes a biologist. Due to unexpected circumstances, Noah comes home after ten years.  Can Noah mend the rift in his family?  The bigger question is will Noah embrace and fight for his love of Elle, or will he let the opportunity of a lifetime pass him?

Noah is extremely stubborn and set in his ways.  He has life planned and does not deviate.  Noah has become this way out of necessity; he does it to ease the pain of his past. There were times where I became exasperated with Noah and his strict regime.  However, I could also relate; we tend to hide behind what is familiar when the unknown disturbs the flow of our journey.  I felt a kinship with Elle.  I loved her free spirit and her ability to embrace love with all her heart.

This couple could not be more opposite.   Yet, those differences transformed into a scorching passion.  Elle’s unrequited love was heart-wrenching.  Noah’s unwanted desire was visceral.  The couple’s passion for each other was all-consuming.  Noah and Elle’s turbulent relationship was a journey that compelled and excited the reader.  Their happily ever after was hard-fought but well worth the struggle.

The plot unfolded effortlessly and organically.  The intricacies of the story were lovingly and meticulously written.  The book flowed, and I couldn’t leave it alone.  Tides Of Love is the first book in the Garret Brothers series.  This series follows the three brothers in search of love and happiness.  I loved the era and location; I could easily imagine it.  The epic, sweeping feel of the novel excites and intrigues.  I enjoyed this book immensely.   I can’t wait to read about the other two brothers.  This was a fascinating read that I couldn’t let go.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Book Sirens and the author.   All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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