His Wallflower White by Tammy Andresen


His Wallflower White is an exciting, romantic journey intricately and expertly woven within a series-wide mystery.  The instant attraction mixed with intrigue creates a riveting read.

Lady Millicent White is a wallflower dragged to London to find a rich husband.  There is danger surrounding the entire family, and Patrick Cranston, a boxer by occupation, is hired to protect Millie.  Millie shines as a character.  She is driven to prove her worth besides being a marriageable solution to her family’s problems.  Her determination makes her formidable.  Patrick longs for a quiet life besides being a fighter.  His honor and strength of character are appealing.  Both are strong-willed, well-written characters.

The dynamic between the couple is sensual and natural.  Their attraction is instantaneous when the couple first meets.  The burgeoning love builds rapidly throughout the story.  The passion between Patrick and Millie organically unfolds and resonates with the reader.

The plot naturally unfolds at a steady pace that keeps your attention—the book speeds by, snaring the reader on the first page.  There is a mystery that develops in the first book that grows throughout the series.  This gives each book continuity and depth.  I like the strength of the secondary characters.  The siblings from previous novels make an appearance and aids in world-building.

His Wallflower White is the third book in the Dark Duke Legacy series.  Each book focuses on a different member of the White family.  The novel is decadent, and this story, in particular, weaves a passionate mystery that thrills and warms the heart.  The series is terrific; I love the continuing puzzle.  The author builds a rich, vibrant, entertaining read that keeps you wanting more.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through the author.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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